Teenager inspires thousands with viral body confidence tweet

Ashlie has gone viral after sharing images of herself wearing a velour dress [Photo: Twitter/@
Ashlie has gone viral after sharing images of herself wearing a velour dress [Photo: Twitter/@

A teenager who finally plucked up the courage to wear a velour dress has gone viral thanks to the inspiring body positive message she shared alongside it.

We all have that dream outfit we’d love to wear, but haven’t quite got the guts to.

But maybe we need to ditch the body hang-ups and take a leaf out of Ashlie Bautista’s book.

The teen, from Texas is currently studying criminal justice at college and has recently given the Internet a vital lesson in body confidence.

Having struggled to shake her body insecurities in the past, Ashlie’s friends encouraged her to put on a velour wrap dress for a night out that she would have never considering wearing before.

Finally having the courage to wear the outfit made her feel so special that she decided to celebrate her new-found body confidence on Twitter by sharing some images of herself totally rocking the dress.

“So last night, I wore something that I never thought I would wear,” she wrote.

“I’m very insecure but with the help of my amazing friends for hyping me up, I was able to wear it and gained a little bit more confidence in myself.”

Ashlie’s tweet has since been shown all the love, being retweeted over 31,000 times and liked over 320,000 times, with a whole plethora of comments from fans telling her how great she looks and thanking her for sharing her inspiring message.

“Yasss girl. Wear things that make you feel good. No one else’s opinion matters!!!!” one user wrote

“Confidence is the best thing you can ever wear. you look great in it,” another added.

Others were keen to tell Ashlie she has inspired them to give their own self-esteem a talking to.

“You’re beautiful. You inspire me to overcome my self-esteem issues and love who I am,” one fan wrote. “Thank you for sharing and being an inspiration and a hero for those who really struggle with our past bullying issues or eating disorders or whatever it may be. You just gave me strength.”

Slay Ashlie, slay.

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