Social media is applauding this blogger for normalising ‘saggy boobs’

A blogger has created a #SaggyBoobsMovement to encourage women to love their breasts [Photo: Instagram/@theslumflower]
A blogger has created a #SaggyBoobsMovement to encourage women to love their breasts [Photo: Instagram/@theslumflower]

A blogger has created a ‘saggy boobs’ movement and Instagram absolutely loves her for it.

Boobs come in all different shapes and sizes, but often it seems that the only breast type worth celebrating are the super perky, super round boobs with perfectly positioned nipples.

So, fed up with all the boobism, one woman has taken it upon herself to start a #SaggyBoobsMatter movement to show the world that saggy boobs are nothing to be ashamed of, no matter what the shamers say.

London-based blogger, Chidera Eggerue, aka @theslumflower on Instagram, decided to create her new body positive campaign after spotting that only one type of breast were represented in lingerie campaigns and on bra advertising and packaging.

After considering altering her own breasts via surgery she decided she’d had enough of not showing her boobs the body love they deserved.

Now, at 23, she’s embracing her body, ‘saggy boobs’ and all and wants to encourage other women to do the same.

Since starting the #SaggyBoobsMatter movement, women have been tweeting photos, going braless and generally loving their boobs, which is yet one more giant step forward for body positivity.

“#SAGGYBOOBSMATTER is such an important movement because it allows women of all body types to join the body positivity conversation,” Chidera told Yahoo Style UK.

“As much as the body positivity movement rightfully centres fat women, it often makes it harder for slimmer women to find a space to discuss their own body hangups without feeling out of place. Anybody of any age can have saggy boobs.

“This movement gives women a sense of comfort, community and courage to feel more love for their bodies. Overall, the response has been overwhelmingly amazing. Women around the world have been taking charge of their bodies upon realising how much they matter!”

Big, little, perky, droopy, take it from Chidera, ladies and love your lady lumps, no matter their shape, size or sagginess.

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