Taylor Swift's ex engaged following her candid comments about marriage

split screen of taylor swift, matty healy and Gabbriette
Matty Healy is engaged to Gabbriette (Getty / Instagram)

Taylor Swift made no secret of her desire to get married on her latest album, The Tortured Poets Department, making several references to engagement and weddings. It will therefore it will likely come as a shock to the 34-year-old that her ex-partner, Matty Healy, who the songs are believed to be about, is now reportedly engaged.

Gabbriette Bechtel, the model girlfriend of the 1975 frontman, seemingly confirmed their engagement during a Charli XCX gig in London on Tuesday, sharing a photo of a huge ring on her wedding ring finger.

The model made reference to Charli XCX's new album, Brat, in the caption, writing: "Marrying the 1975 is very Brat," a nod to the fact that Charli is marrying Matty's 1975 bandmate, George Daniel.

Photo of a hand with an engagement ring
Gabbriette seemed to confirm her and Matty's engagement on Instagram (Instagram)

Gabbriette went on to share another photo of her engagement ring, which features a huge dark stone with smaller diamonds around the outside.

Woman showing an engagement ring in a selfie
Gabbriette showed off her ring (Instagram)

That said, Gabbriette has been seen wearing the same ring before - see the video below, so perhaps it could be a placeholder ring until she and Matty choose the real deal...

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While Gabbriette was at Charli's gig with her new fiancé, Matty seemed non-plussed by Charli's onstage performance, instead watching the football on his phone, while his girlfriend danced to the music with Kanye West's ex, Julia Fox.

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Julia and Gabbriette both star in Charli's music video for '360', which she compared to Taylor's 2015 video 'Bad Blood', thanks to the all star cast also including Chloë Sevigny and Emma Chamberlain.

Who is Gabbriette?

It's no surprise Matty Healy's partner has a close bond with Charli XCX – Charli picked Gabbriette to be part of the band she formed, Nasty Cherry, in a 2019 documentary, and they've been close ever since.

Charli XCX and Gabbriette posing for a selfie
Charli XCX and Gabbriette know each other well (Instagram)

But their bond goes back further, with Charli casting Gabbriette in her 2016 music video for 'After the After Part'y.

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Gabbriette and Matty

Gabbriette and Matty have been dating since 2023, and she shared a rare insight into her relationship with Matty in the past, telling E! News: "I think that we just both enjoy good food, honestly. He's taught me a lot about food." She added that they share the same taste in music, too.

Matty and Gabbriette posing in a bathroom
Matty and Gabbriette have been dating since 2023 (Instagram)

This is a fact Taylor might contest, as in her song 'The Black Dog' she references a song by noughties band The Starting Line – a band she and Matty both love, writing: "When someone plays The Starting Line and you jump up, But she's too young to know this song, That was intertwined in the magic fabric of our dreaming."

The lyrics suggest Gabbriette, who is 26 to Matty's 35, isn't old enough to know The Starting Line.

While Matty and Gabbriette haven't been together very long, she is clearly a hit with his mother, Denise Welch, who has shared photos with the model on Instagram, welcoming her into the family.

HELLO! has contacted Matty's representatives for comment.