Can Banana Cure Acne?


[Photo: Pinterest]

Recently, there have been a lot of home remedies for getting rid of pimples circling the internet. Thankfully, the latest trick is a lot less smelly than the last one, which involved garlic.. However, it’s decidedly more slimy.

A beauty blogger, called Habiba, has released a video claiming you can get rid of acne by using everyone’s favourite fruit - a banana.

Yes, it’s a cheap hack but we’re not sure how we feel about rubbing our mid-morning snack all over our face. But it could be a great way to use up all those browning bananas leftover in the fruit bowl as Habiba suggests you should use a banana that is “yellow with dark spots”.


[Photo: Habiba/ Instagram]

In the clip, Habiba cuts a small chunk of banana skin and places it on the affected area. She then suggests you rub it slightly before leaving it on for two hours. After removing the peel she recommends that you don’t wash and leave the residue overnight.

So, is this tip bananas?

Although it hasn’t been clinically proven, apparently banana peel does have inflammatory reducing properties. In a quick online search we discovered banana skin to be a popular choice for home remedy spot relief. So, it may be slightly odd but effective.

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