Stop Everything You're Doing Because Paris Jackson Just Gave Us An Update About Her Music

paris jackson
Paris Jackson Says Her New Music Is On The WayGetty Images

Paris Jackson has opened up about her eagerly anticipated new music. The singer and model (who's the only daughter of Michael Jackson) has said that fans should be prepared for her to get candid in the new songs she's been working on.

Appearing on a recent episode of Jade Iovine's podcast Live From Bed, she said that her inspiration comes from a few key sources: 'pain or heartbreak or loneliness'. Because of this, some of the tracks might hit listeners hard. 'I mean, is some of it going to be hard for some people to hear? For sure, yeah, because what I'm talking about is a lot of touchy things,' she said, adding: 'Some people might have a hard time'.

Though some lyrics will be a surprise for fans, Jackson's inner circle is more than familiar with the details. 'All of my close friends know my story,' she said. 'I'm an open book with all of my friends.'


The other key news from the project is that she's been collaborating with songwriter and producer Linda Perry, whose credits include Pink's 'Get The Party Started' and Christina Aguilera's 'Beautiful'. Apparently, Perry has given Jackson some advice, telling her: 'Let's make something loud and let's make something fun and let's also make something a little more specific.'

As of yet, there isn't a release date for the project, which is currently untitled. However, Jackson did say that it would be out 'ideally this year', so watch this space...

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