Stacey Solomon's 'summer of love' with Joe Swash after separate beds confession

Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash
-Credit: (Image: staceysolomon / Instagram)

Like many parents, Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash sometimes find romance comes last on the list of a million things to do.

In fact in recent weeks, Stacey revealed to millions on TV that she and her husband sleep in separate beds.

But, we're told, behind the sex confessions and quips about their bedroom dynamics, the busy couple couldn't be more in love and are going to prioritise a summer of love.

"Stacey always jokes that her and Joe don’t have a love life because they have so many kids but the truth is they still fancy the pants off each other and just love being around each other as much as they can," a source told us.

Stacey, 34, and Joe, 42, share a big family - she's mum to Zachary, 16, and Leighton, 11, from previous relationships as well as Rex, five, Rose, two, and one year old Belle with Joe. Joe also shares Harry, 16, with an ex-partner.

And as much as they love being a blended family of eight, she revealed that sometimes couples' time is in short supply.

Joe Swash and Stacey Solomon Gogglebox
Love is still very much in the air for Joe and Stacey -Credit:Channel 4

On a recent episode of Celebrity Gogglebox, when watching a show, Joe said to Stacey, "We used to have pillow talk, didn't we?"

She replied, "We used to sleep in bed together, do you remember that? Before we had three kids in four years!"

This isn't the first time Stacey has spoken about the lack of time with her husband, who she married in a romantic at home ceremony two years ago.

As well as raising her five children and renovating her beloved Essex home of Pickle Cottage, Stacey hosts BBC decluttering show Sort Your Life Out.

Stacey Solomon and kids
The pair are often busy caring for their large family -Credit:Instagram/ @staceysolomon

She explained during a packed schedule of filming last year, that the former EastEnders actor "doesn't see her."

Taking to Instagram, she told her followers, “Poor Joe. I got in last night and I was like, ‘Hi babe’. He was like, ‘I don’t see you anymore.'

“I just leave at 6am in the morning every day and I don’t get back until about 9pm at night. I do feel bad because I think being home with the kids is sometimes harder than going to work, isn’t it?”

Our source added that sometimes balancing a career and caring for their children does of course impact their time together.

"Because of their busy lives, they don’t see each other as much as they’d like to and sometimes they’re both so tired at the end of the day and putting the kids to bed that they just fall asleep and it can be easier with one of them in with Rex and the other having the two younger ones."

But Stacey knows how "important it is to make time for their relationship" and is making "big plans" for her and Joe, they claimed.

Joe Swash and wife Stacey
The couple tied the knot in 2022 -Credit:John Phillips/Getty Images

"They’re fortunate in the fact that they have lots of family nearby who are always happy to look after the kids so Stacey wants them to have lots of date nights this summer as they have the most fun together when they’re out."

It looks like Stacey is already in the mood for the warmer months and she showed off her incredible body on her social media by telling her followers about her new summer collection with e-tailer In The Style.

Modelling her new animal print swimsuit, which she described as 'Kat Slater' inspired, she told her fans, "You know sometimes when you think am I having a mid-life crisis or is this cool?"

Joe, Stacey and kids
The pair are said to be looking forward to more date nights, sans kids -Credit:Instagram

And as she showed her followers her figure in another flattering two-piece, where she bravely pointed out a burn scar on midriff, she received so many compliments.

"She looks fabulous, and i love that bikini," one fan said. "Beautiful as always," another added.

No doubt it will have caught the eye of her adoring husband too and the former Loose Women panelist is said to be planning some time away from Pickle Cottage for some precious memories - just with Joe.

"She’s also got to the stage where she’s OK to leave the kids overnight and go away for a romantic break with Joe although she says they’re always desperate to get back and see them all by the end," our source concluded.

"Stacey has also never felt better about herself since she started working out and looking after herself a bit more and she wants to get dressed up for Joe and just keep the spark alive. Having six kids between them is a lot but they love it and know that they’re lucky enough that they can afford to go out and go away and spend time just as a couple, just Stacey and Joe."

Have a fab time, guys!