Stacey Solomon opens up about learning to love her 'extra skin' after weight loss

Stacey Solomon, shown here hosting a lunch for mothers, has always been outspoken about the challenges of motherhood. (Getty Images)
Stacey Solomon, shown here hosting a lunch for mothers in 2019, has always been outspoken about the challenges of motherhood. (Getty Images)

Stacey Solomon has opened up about how she’s learning to love her body and the “extra skin” she’s been left with after losing weight, in a relatable post about motherhood.

In a photo of herself with her one-year-old son, Rex, the TV host can be seen smiling while showing off her stomach in in the mirror.

Solomon, 30, starts the caption by stating: “I love my body.”

“It is changing all of the time so it takes some getting used to now and again... But thank Goodness it does change because if it didn’t I wouldn’t have that smile to wake up to every morning or those big brothers of his either.”

Solomon shares her youngest son, Rex, with partner, Joe Swash, 38, and she has two other children, Leighton, eight, and Zachary, 12, from previous relationships.

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Solomon put a call out for women to share their body confidence posts with her, and hundreds of people took up the challenge.

She said that seeing the posts “reminded me of how much I miss being nice to myself”.

She admitted to finding it challenging to love her body recently and added: “I’ve lost weight recently for some reason and I didn’t lose my skin with it.

“So I’ve not been very nice to myself about it which isn’t like me at all. Your posts have reminded me that I am beautiful and every BODY is different and that’s what makes them special.”

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In many countries, “bouncing back” after having a baby is seen as a slow process, with people in Mexico describing stretch marks as “love lines”.

In the UK, a culture of putting pressure on new mums to speedily bounce back to their pre-baby weight can leave women feeling inadequate.

Solomon added: “You are the only you and that is perfect IMO. Cellulite is pretty, Stretch marks are glitter, extra skin extra so it’s got to be good right? Feel like I’ve got a special offer on skin.”

Hundreds of thousands of people liked her post, with her celebrity BFF, Mrs Hinch commenting: “Just Beautiful. I dream to have the confidence to do this one day. Sending you a big hug bub xx”

“All I can really see when I look at this is the love and happiness Rex looks up to you with,” another person commented.

To which Solomon replied: “This comment made me cry.”

Well done, Stacey, we could all do with a little bit of body positivity in our lives right now.

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