Stacey Solomon and hubby Joe Swash's Hollywood move – 'They'll make millions'

Since she first shot to fame on the X Factor back in 2009, Stacey Solomon's career has gone from strength to strength, and she's won the hearts of the nation - but now, the star may well be setting her sights on cracking America, too.

When the 34 year old emerged on screens with her rendition of What A Wonderful World and impressed music guru Simon Cowell, Stacey was a single mum who has spent years working at a fish and chip shop in Essex. Now, fast forward 15 years and the busy mum-of-five is not only a singer but a TV star, an author, a lifestyle influencer and a decluttering guru.

So, according to a source, heading across the pond could very well be the next natural step for Stacey, who is set on making her dreams became a reality. "Stacey has always been very business savvy and knows how to make money," they said. "But over the past few years, she has completely exceeded her expectations and has plans to become even bigger.

"She has never been as in demand and is in the fantastic position of only working with brands or companies that she wants to, as she knows she holds the power."

Becoming a success in America is notoriously difficult however, but it seems the Loose Women star could be hot property, given her huge likability factor and her relatable personality.

"Despite her millions, Stacey is still seen as so down to earth - as is Joe. Stacey is aware they can’t venture too far away from that image," the source continued.

After her stint on the X Factor, Stacey was scooped up by ITV bosses to appear on I'm A Celeb where she had a huge impact with both her camp mates and viewers at home. Then, after scooping up the coveted Queen of the Jungle title, the stunning star was the face of Iceland, released a debut album and became a panellist on Loose Women. She then hosted the I'm A Celebrity spin-off series, where she met her husband-to-be Joe Swash.

Now, with a collection with George at Asda under her belt plus two hit TV shows, Sort Your Life Out and Renovation Rescue, an incredible breakthrough across the Atlantic could be on the cards - something only some TV stars could dream of.

In fact, her DIY show Renovation Rescue - which is produced by none other than Hollywood icon Reese Witherspoon’s company Hello Sunshine - aired on Channel 4 in the US - and has already generated a huge buzz.

Stacey Solomon laughing on the Loose Women panel
Stacey - and hubby Joe - are loved for their fun, down-to-earth charm, despite huge success

"Everything Stacey touches turns to gold at the moment and this is a dream come true for her," the source continued. "It’s a no brainer as she’s always getting asked how she looks so good and she can cash in on it.

"One thing she'd like though is for her and Joe to become a brand and has joked that they could be a budget Brand Beckham. She wants them to work together - from TV, podcasts and adverts, to books, DIY and family advice - Stacey thinks the family has a broad appeal. But she also wants to show everyone you don’t have to be perfect to be a success."

And industry insiders have also predicted that Stacey's collaboration with Big Little Lies star, Reese could propel her to stardom stateside. Brand and culture expert Nick Ede told OK!: "Stacey's rise to fame has been amazing - she was a struggling single parent and now she is a huge star with a life that many could only imagine of having.

Stacey Solomon in her Channel 4 show Renovation Rescue
Fans can't get enough of Stacey and her often hilarious updates on family life at Pickle Cottage

"She's got a very smart, career-led head on her shoulders and whatever decision she makes, it'll reap huge benefits. Stacey is a performer at the end of the day but she could set her sights even bigger and head to Hollywood. It wouldn't surprise me if Stacey - and maybe even Joe - ended up on Broadway performing, or for them to have their own fly-on-the-wall show, similar to The Kardashians. People love to see their family and that would be a very lucrative entry into the US market.

"The Beckhams cracked America, and I could see Stacey and Joe following in similar footsteps. Stacey has already achieved millionaire status but with a move to the US, she could be looking at multi-millions."

The industry guru also gave some insight into why fans love the TV star so much. "Stacey is someone that anybody can look up to and her down to earth nature has really cemented her national treasure status. Plus, people have loved watching Stacey and Joe's romance blossom over the years, they're a perfect match."

Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash on the sofa on Celebrity Gogglebox
Stacey seems ready to move on from Loose Women -Credit:Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock

But Stacey needs to play her cards right, so what should she do next? According to Nick, her next move shouldn't stray too far and she should continue to showcase her genuine personality.

"Stacey also uses social media to her advantage by showing the good, the bad and the ugly - she doesn't shy away from the realities of life and people respect that.

"Some celebs just use social media to only share the most glamorous parts of their life - but Stacey is open about everything, from parenting struggles to if an outfit doesn't fit. People can easily get behind her and root for her. She's authentic - and no matter what height of fame she reaches, that's never wavered.

"In fact, her authenticity is almost like a superpower because it allows people to aspire to be like her. If you watch the Kardashians, for example, people know there's no way their life could be like that, but with Stacey and Joe it's achievable," Nick explained.