Stacey Solomon reveals the activity that's been best for her mental health during the pandemic

Stacey Solomon has praised the therapeutic benefits of doing crafting at home in lockdown.
Stacey Solomon has praised the therapeutic benefits of doing crafting at home in lockdown.

If your anxiety levels have soared – like many – during the pandemic, Stacey Solomon may just have the perfect solution.

In a new interview, the star, 31, revealed crafting has been an activity that’s been most useful at boosting her mental health while stuck at home in lockdown.

Speaking to The Sun’s Fabulous magazine, the mum-of-three said that getting creative with a glue gun and paint had been therapeutic for her mind.

She explained: “Having a task to focus solely on makes me forget about anything I’m worried or anxious about. It centres me, it’s my form of meditation, because I couldn’t sit and hum!

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“I feel my most relaxed when I apply myself to a task. I can’t even talk to anybody while I’m doing something. Sometimes, Joe will try and speak to me and I’ll be like: ‘I’m concentrating!’”

The Loose Women panellist has become known for her ‘Tap to Tidy’ series on her Instagram Stories, where she shows her 3.8m followers how she organises parts of her home.

This often includes upgrading household items, like recently creating a ‘mud kitchen’ for the garden and a pink-themed utility room.

She also admitted in the interview how – while she may invariably transmit an Insta-perfect life on social media – things can be a bit more chaotic in the home she shares with partner Joe Swash, 38, and her three sons, 12-year-old Zachary, eight-year-old Leighton and one-year-old Rex.

Solomon said: “Sometimes it’s really great and you think: ‘I’ve got it.’ Then two days later they’re having a meltdown. It’s hard for them to adapt, but they do.

“As a person who has lived through my parents’ divorce, I don’t feel lesser or that I’ve missed out. I didn’t become an adult and think: ‘My family really messed me up.’

"I had an even better upbringing, and I’m grateful for it. So you just keep going and keep loving them.”

Earlier this week, the former singer revealed that pregnancy impacted on her teeth, causing some of her them to fall out and change colour.

Speaking to her Loose Women co-stars, Solomon explained she eventually had veneers fitted after experiencing a host of dental problems when she was expecting.

During a discussion on DIY dentistry, she said: “It's my biggest fear, my teeth falling out, because it may come as a shock to you, but these are not real.”

When asked by fellow panellist Janet Street-Porter what was under her veneers, she responded: “Nothing! When I got pregnant with Leighton, the front ones went all black and yellow-y weird colour and I lost a lot of the back ones so I got plates over the top.

“Then they felt really bulbous-y and I was so sensitive to the point where I couldn't even breathe in without thinking, ‘Ugh! It really hurts!’.”

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