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SonicScrubber's new car cleaning tool is the perfect Father's Day gift

(SonicScrubber / Yahoo Life UK)
Make cleaning your car a breeze with this electric brush from SonicScrubber. (SonicScrubber / Yahoo Life UK)

Father's Day can be a tricky occasion to buy for. Sure, a crate a beer would probably suffice, but if you want to shop something a little more helpful (and, honestly, just as exciting) then you're going to love our latest discovery: the SonicScrubber Pro Detailer Cleaning Brush Kit for cars, bikes, boats — you name it. In other words, the perfect gift for Father's Day.

And yes, if you hadn't already guessed, it's latest iteration of the electric cleaning brush that went viral not so long ago.

Available to shop on Amazon, it costs just £22.95, comes in an easy-to-recognise, hard-to-lose bright yellow design, complete with four interchangeable cleaning heads. And it's been described by shoppers as the "best cleaning tool" around.

Clean dirt and grime from those hard-to-reach places in cars, bikes and boats with this effective cleaning brush. 

£23 at Amazon

First off, it's versatile. Complete with four interchangeable heads, each designed to target a range of different cleaning tasks: a medium, cone, lugnut and soft brush head, it can be used to clean everything from windows to bodywork joins, chrome, crevices, interior panels, and more.

How does it work? The brushes themselves fit onto an easy-to-grip holder, where they oscillate 10,000 times a minute, which, in turn, carefully lifts dirt, rather than spreads it.

Clean everything from windows to bodywork joins, chrome, crevices, interior panels, and more with this electric brush. (SonicScrubber)
Clean all those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies in your car. (SonicScrubber)
The oscillating brushes lift dirt without scratching surfaces. (SonicScrubber)

£22.95 at Amazon

Super easy to use, it comes in an instantly-recognisable bright yellow design that's difficult to misplace, but also small enough for you to store in your car.

The tool itself has been ergonomically designed to ensure optimum comfort when in use, with an angled head and non-slip grip.

The perfect last-minute gift for Father's Day with guaranteed delivery before the big day, this is a no-brainer if you're looking for something thoughtful, practical and affordable.

Described by Amazon shoppers as an "excellent cleaning buddy" and "well worth the purchase", it's safe to say it works a treat when cleaning.

Numerous happy shoppers have claimed it makes cleaning "more rewarding", and "does the job perfectly" in reference to those hard-to-reach places.

Not just that, it's been hailed as super versatile with comments from users saying they use it for various cleaning tasks, not just for their vehicles as advertised.

Shop now: SonicScrubber Pro Detailer Cleaning Brush Kit for Cars/Bikes/Boats | £22.95 from Amazon

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You can also shop the original electric cleaning brush on Amazon for £22.95.

Clean every corner of your home with ease using this 4-in-1 electric cleaning brush. 

£23 at Amazon