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The viral electric cleaning brush with over 22,000 five star reviews

(SonicScrubber / Yahoo Life UK)
Make cleaning a doddle with this best-selling electric brush. (SonicScrubber / Yahoo Life UK)

Cleaning doesn't have to be all doom and gloom. It can be satisfying, rewarding, enjoyable even. But in order for it to feel less like a chore, you have the invest in the right tools.

Introducing SonicScrubber's Household Electrical Cleaning Brush – a multi-functioning electric cleaning brush that helps you tackle those hard-to-reach places in need of a deep clean.

With over 22,000 five star reviews, and shoppers claiming it's the cleaning tool they've been waiting their entire lives for, there's no wonder 5,000 units have already sold this month.

Clean every corner of your home with ease using this 4-in-1 electric cleaning brush. 

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For just £22.95, it's the perfect gadget to arm yourself with on your next spring clean. Don't just take it from us, either, there's a countless number of videos over on TikTok singing the tool's praises and demonstrating its many uses.

User mumscleaninglockdownlife did a video scrubbing her shower head, washing machine drawers and window grooves with it, reaching over 16,000 views. Cleaning TikToker Rebekah Smith also described it as a "must for grout cleaning" and shared a satisfying clip of her transforming grey grout into gleaming white.

Why we rate it

The SonicScrubber claims to improve cleaning time by up to 57% and does all the heavy lifting (or scrubbing) for you.

It comes with four interchangeable heads, each designed to target a range of different cleaning tasks: a large, small, cone and all-purpose brush head. Once fitted onto the easy-to-grip holder, they oscillate 10,000 times a minute, which, in turn, carefully lift dirt, rather than spread it.

The gadget to make your spring clean a breeze. (SonicScrubber)
It has over 22,000 five star reviews for a reason. (SonicScrubber)

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With the ability to tackle stubborn grime and dirt on anything and everything, it can be used on all sorts of hard-to-reach places, including cookers, taps, window frames and tile grout.

Each brush head is dishwasher safe, too, for extra ease after clean up.

What the reviews say

With over 32,000 reviews and 86% four and five star ratings, it’s fair to say the brush definitely lives up to expectations.

Lots of shoppers expressed their surprise at how "reasonably priced" the brush was for such an affordable tag, adding that they were impressed by just how effective it was, saying it gets tough marks off "pretty much anything".

Many had bought one after having a friend, or several, rave to them about how good the brush was and were pleased with how it took away the need for "elbow grease".

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