Single mum, 39, who used sperm donor, explains choice to her baby boy in moving video

Francesca Specter
Yahoo Style UK deputy editor

A single mum has explained why she chose to use a sperm donor to fall pregnant rather than have a baby with the “wrong man”.

Sarah Mill, 39, made a pledge to herself that she would undergo IVF if she hadn’t met someone by the age of 37.

The Australian executive assistant has since shared her pregnancy journey on Instagram, in a bid to inspire other women who feel pressured by their biological clock.

On her Instagram account, under the handle @ourlifeinmelbourne, Mill describes herself as an “IVF solo mum by choice”.

Mill, who gave birth to her fourth-month-old son Oliver earlier this year, underwent IVF at the age of 38 with a sperm donor, choosing a match who had blonde hair and blue eyes like her own.

Sarah Mill pictured while pregnant, left, and with baby son Oliver. [Photo: Caters]

She fell pregnant on her first round of the treatment, which has a 15% success rate for women aged 38 to 39, according to the NHS website.

She says: “It was in mine and Oliver’s best interest for me to be a solo mother, I would hate to rush into things with someone who I didn’t have a spark with.

“I made a pledge to myself if I don’t find the right man by the time, I was 37, then I would go ahead with IVF, but I wasn’t quite ready until the following year.

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“I think it is important to be open about my journey as I am not ashamed, I am proud for doing this on my own.”

Sarah Mill pictured with baby son Oliver. [Photo: Caters]

She adds: “I may not have taken the usual route to become a mum, but I didn’t want to settle with the wrong person and regret it in the future.”

As for her son, Mill says she hopes he understand her reasons for choosing to go down the sperm donor route.

“I wanted [Oliver] so badly that I needed some help from someone,” she says. “I intend on telling Oliver as soon as he is old enough to understand, I think he will appreciate the video I did as it shows how much I adored him before he was even here.”

Sarah Mill made a pact to use a sperm donor to fall pregnant if she had not met a suitable partner by the age of 37. [Photo: Caters]

“I may not have taken the usual route to become a mum, but I didn’t want to settle with the wrong person and regret it in the future.

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She has also made a moving video for her son, Oliver, to watch when he is older.

In the one minute long video, in which Mill holds up a series of placards, she explains: “It was not a decision I took lightly, but I knew you would be worth it.”

Mill says her son Oliver is “the most perfect little boy” and she “love[s] being a mum”.

She adds: “My life has completely changed, and I couldn’t be happier with my perfect little boy.”