Simon's Cowell's behaviour that drives fiancée Lauren Silverman and son Eric 'crazy'

Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman pointing in opposite directions
Simon's actions drive Lauren man (Getty)

As a multi-millionaire, Simon Cowell has always led a slightly different lifestyle to most people, but during a recent appearance on the Diary of a CEO podcast, he gave an insight into just how different a life he leads to the average person – and how it impacts his fiancée, Lauren Silverman and his 10-year-old son Eric.

"I don't have a phone," Simon began, adding: "I have a car phone which I occasionally use, but I swear I don't even know how to use it."

Incredulous, the podcast host Steven Barlett asked Simon how Lauren gets hold of him, with the AGT judge sharing: "She calls me at home and I mean, it drives her crazy."

family-of-three posing for photo
Simon's unusual lifestyle choice is a pain for his partner (Getty Images)

Explaining his reasoning for not having a phone, Simon revealed that he used to dread turning it on. "I hate them so much because I think they're boring," he began.

"It's like having a toaster with you all the time. It's boring. Toast is nice and occasionally telephone calls are nice, but not all the time."

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Simon went on to share that he used to have his phone turned off for three or four months at a time and he was happy during these periods, adding that he used to dread turning it on.

"I like meeting people and I like talking from a landline if I have to because the sound is nicer," he added.

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Simon then explained that by not having a phone, he is able to tune out the unimportant things in life.

Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman pose at the opening night of the new musical "& Juliet" on Broadway at The Stephen Sondheim Theatre on November 17, 2022 in New York City
Simon Cowell says Lauren calls him at home if she needs him (Bruce Glikas)

"You don't hear about the unimportant things," he says. "When something really serious happens, within seconds you'll hear about it. When it's just some piece of gossip or something, which I'm really not interested in, you won't."

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On how people can get hold of him if they really need him, Simon reassured: "I always say honestly, if you want to get hold of me and you know me, you'll you'll get hold of me. You just will, I promise you really will."

Simon Cowell and his son, Eric Cowell attend the ceremony honoring Simon Cowell with a Star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame held on August 22, 2018
Eric and Lauren can get hold of Simon in the car and at home (Michael Tran)

We suspect this knowledge is reassuring to Lauren and Eric!