Missguided criticised for selling 'unsustainable' £1 bikini

The bikini, which sold out quickly, has been slammed for being "unsustainable". [Photo: Missguided]
The bikini, which sold out quickly, has been slammed for being "unsustainable". [Photo: Missguided]

Shoppers on Missguided have taken to Twitter to share their frustrations about Missguided’s latest product; a £1 black bikini.

As people strive to be more sustainable, people have described the move as “disgusting, exploitative fast fashion”.

Missguided has defended the garment, which was worn by former Love Island contestant, Ellie Brown, by claiming the brand is absorbing the costs as a “gift” to customers.

Even with the backlash online, the bikini is now completely sold out, sparking further debate about the state of fast fashion.

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Several people have shared their frustrations about the 85% polyester string bikini.

Many shoppers say that even with Missguided absorbing the costs, there are still question marks over how fairly the garment workers were paid for it.

One tweet, which has been shared by thousands of people, said: “Clothes aren’t meant to be £1. The price is meant to be reflective of the production process which includes sooo many steps including cutting, dying, sewing, packaging, shipping etc. and there are people carrying out those things at each step of the process.”

Polyester is not biodegradable and many people have vented about how all of these £1 bikinis will eventually “end up in landfill”.

With so-called ‘fast fashion’ brands on the verge of being taxed for their part to play in harming the environment, it’s seen as a strange move by the retailer.

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“It’s blown my mind, especially when fast fashion has been under fire for the past couple of years you’d think brands would make better choices.” One tweeter wrote.

Missguided hit back at claims about the bikini by including the statement “it cost us more to produce than £1 and we've absorbed the costs so we can offer it at an incredible price as a gift to you, our babes” in the product description.

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