Most surprising sexual turn-ons, from tying hair up to ordering pizza

Sexual turn-on: Woman tying up hair. (Getty Images)
A new study's revealed surprising sexual turn-ons. (Getty Images)

The nation's favourite turn-ons have been revealed in a bid to help us reignite our sexual spark.

This is because not enough of us are having sex, with just 27% at it each week, according to a recent YouGov survey, depriving of us benefits to our mood, sleep and overall wellbeing.

So, to get us more in the mood, MattressNextDay has analysed various turn-on related Reddit threads (which have more than 36 million members) to pin-point the top 10 unexpected guilty pleasures.

The list is based on the ones that received the most 'upvotes', which means the user very much agrees.

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1. Stretching and tying hair up – 3,900 upvotes

Woman tying up hair. (Getty Images)
Stretching and tying up hair is the most sexually arousing – agree or can't get your head around it? (Getty Images)

Yep, this one came in at number one, specifically 'watching' their partner or person they're dating stretch before tying up their hair. While this might seen like a surpassing turn-on, apparently stretching has great benefits for your sex life.

"Firstly, it signals to your partner that you’re making yourself more flexible which naturally, suggests that you will be able to utilise more body positions should you have sex straight after stretching," says Martin Seeley, CEO at MattressNextDay.

And it doesn't just benefit your them, but the person doing the stretching too.

"It also makes you feel more energetic due to increasing the circulation of blood oxygen to your muscles, therefore, giving you more stamina," he added. And of course, stretching and moving your body releases endorphins, which are also released during sex, "therefore, giving you the 'reward' feeling'."

So, in theory, while tying hair up appears to be the most attractive move, you can adapt this little trick to suit you.

2. Man rolling up sleeves while wearing a suit – 2,250 upvotes

Man wearing suit rolling up sleeves. (Getty Images)
Many people's favourite body part on a man is their forearms. (Getty Images)

The reason why so many people agree that a man rolling up his sleeves, specifically in a suit, is so sexual is because it suggests they're about to do 'something practical'.

"Many commenters also agreed that their favourite body part on a man is their forearm so naturally showing them off turns them on," said Seeley, something that might be relatable to some.

Similarly, 405 Reddit users believe that ‘a man reversing with their arm across the back of the passenger’s seat’ is something that gets them in the mood. Interesting.

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3-4. Your partner doing chores around the house – 2,200 upvotes

Man doing laundry while woman watches. (Getty Images)
It seems a spot of laundry is more than enough to get people going. (Getty Images)

Making yourself useful won't just stop your partner from hating you, but improve your sex life too, a win win. Chores like doing the dishes and 'any physical labour in the house' will do the trick, apparently.

And while they're not so much chores but the necessities of life, 'taking the kids to school' and 'cooking' is also many people's guilty pleasure. Clearly not enough people's significant others are doing this already...

3-4. Watching someone do something they're passionate about – 2,200 upvotes

Woman doing home workout. (Getty Images)
Your passion will be infectious. (Getty Images)

This one came in in joint third place. Whether it's playing a sport, acing that WFH meeting or even...juggling (if that's your thing)...being passionate about things in life will make you more attractive and help increase your passion in the bedroom too.

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5. Gazing at your partner – 2,000 upvotes

Women staring into each other's eyes. (Getty Images)
The longer you look into someone's eyes, the more connected you feel...(Getty Images)

Admiring their beauty, or their flaws (but don't just start staring for the sake of it!) is a guaranteed way to make someone feel special. And make them be attracted to you sexually too, it seems.

6. Your partner getting out of the shower – 1,400 upvotes

Man getting out of the shower. (Getty Images)
Can you relate? (Getty Images)

While many of us might think we might look like wet dogs, have a towel wrapped around our hair, or have remnants of shaving cream still on us, it's evident you might look a little more sexy thank you think.

7. A strong woman – 921 upvotes

Woman lifting weights. (Getty Images)
Strength is sexy. (Getty Images)

Not that this one should be 'out of the normal' in any way, but it did land 921 upvotes on the Reddit thread.

We like to think this could be strong physically and/or mentally.

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8. A person that has a low and slow voice – 616 upvotes

Gay couple. (Getty Images)
Which one of you has the more attractive voice? (Getty Images)

Does just listening to your other half, or the person you're dating, turn you in? Do they have a low and slow voice? Or perhaps it's you who has one, in which case you're in luck.

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9. Spontaneously ordering a pizza delivery – 522 upvotes

Eating pizza in bed couple. (Getty Images)
There's nothing like pizza after sex...apparently. (Getty Images)

While food can be an aphrodisiac, you wouldn't normally expect that ordering a pizza would get someone in the mood. But clearly its the 'spontaneity' pared with the deep crust (or thin) that gets people going.

While this received a humble 522 votes, 'my partner cooking for me' only received 33 upvotes, ranking it as far down as spot number 38.

And the topic of food is most certainly a form of pillow-talk, with MattressNextDay also uncovering that 8,4000 people agree they ask their romantic other if they should order pizza after having sex.

10. Being lightly touched on the back of your head or neck – 465 upvotes

Head scratching. (Getty Images)
Does this turn you on or turn you on? Or just make you sleepy? (Getty Images)

It's likely you're either the one who enjoys a light tickle, or are the giving the head or neck scratch. While there's usually one or another who enjoys this more, if it's both of your thing, that's good news for your sex life.

Relate to any of these surprising turn-ons? Or still can't get your head around one of them?

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