School introduces a dress code for parents at school gates

A school in the US has introduced a dress code for parents [PhotoL Getty]
A school in the US has introduced a dress code for parents [PhotoL Getty]

There has been much talk about schools implementing strict rules when it comes to children’s uniform, but one school in the US has caused a buzz after introducing a dress code for parents.

James Madison High School in Houston has claimed it will turn away parents who show up at the school gates in pyjamas, hair rollers, leggings and other ‘unsuitable’ items of clothing.

“Pyjamas of any kind will not be permitted in the building along with house shoes and any other attire that could possibly be pyjamas, underwear, or home setting wear such as flannel pyjamas,” Principal Carlotta Outley Brown said in a letter to parents dated April 9.

Jeans that are torn from the buttocks/behind, leggings that are showing your bottom and very low cut tops are also not permitted to be worn by parents.

The school claims that the code is designed help establish high standards for students and the new guidelines were necessary for “preparing our children for the future.”

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But some parents aren’t impressed with the new code, with one mother reported to be “almost insulted” by the new dress rules, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Administrators from Houston Independent School District declined Yahoo US’ request for comment.

Should schools include a dress code for parents? [Photo: Getty]
Should schools include a dress code for parents? [Photo: Getty]

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It isn’t the only school calling for parents to make more effort on the school run either. A bill was previously suggested by lawmakers in Tennessee, requiring all schools there to adopt a parent code of conduct that could include a parental dress code.

And parents are being encouraged to up their fashion game in the UK too.

Back in 2016, the head of a primary school in Darlington wrote to mums and dads to warn them not to drop off their children while wearing pyjamas.

Kate Chisholm, headteacher at Skerne Park Academy, asked parents to get dressed in future before setting off on the school run.