Ruth Wilson calls the pressure for women to focus on marriage 'depressing'

Ruth Wilson says she has
Ruth Wilson says she has "no interest" in walking down the aisle. (Getty Images)

Ruth Wilson has suggested that staying with one person forever is not "natural", as she revealed she has "no interest" in walking down the aisle.

The actress, 40, told The Sunday Times Magazine that women's focus on marriage, that has been ingrained in them since childhood, is "depressing".

She said: "I personally have no interest in walking down a church in a white dress."

The star recalled going to spin classes in New York where there are women "with exactly the same ring on their finger, talking about their bachelorettes. You think, that’s all they’re living for. It feels so depressing."

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Wilson, who has a US-based boyfriend who she hasn't named, discussed how the pressure women in their thirties feel to tie the knot – often tied in with fertility worries – stems from when they were girls.

Of her own playground conversations, she said: "I remember saying, 'I'm going to have two kids,' someone else saying, 'I'm going to have three kids.' Aged 11.

"You're deciding what your wedding is going to be like. But honestly it's never been something that I've wildly wanted or even really thought about."

Wilson also shared her thoughts on whether it's realistic to expect to be with one person for the rest of your life.

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The actress, who was catapulted to fame in TV series The Affair, suggested that it wasn't "natural or achievable".

She argued that this is particularly so in an era when women were more economically independent, making marriage less of a contract and "purely about love".

Wilson added: “[But] how long does love last? Can it really last a lifetime? People expect for ever and when it doesn’t work out they’re somehow surprised.”

In the past, she has been romantically linked to actors Jake Gyllenhaal and Jude Law.

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