'Ripped grandpa' Richard Branson, 69, shows off new, shorter hairstyle and youthful physique

Francesca Specter
Yahoo Style UK deputy editor

Richard Branson may be pushing 70, but his followers think he has the look and physique of someone much younger.

The Virgin entrepreneur, 69, shared a picture of him holding his granddaughter, Lola, with his four million followers on Instagram over the weekend.

In the photo, he sports a cropped haircut, which is a step away from his trademark longer locks.

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The post received a highly positive reaction, with people praising Branson’s shorter haircut and muscular physique.

Richard Branson: The Virgin business magnate shows off a new look (inset). [Photo: Getty/Instagram]

“Damn you a ripped grandpa,” wrote one user, with another added, “Richard Branson, your biceps are impressive.”

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As for the new-look hair, comments included: “That haircut though! Nice!!” and “Haircut looks proper”.

How does Richard Branson stay in shape?

While Branson, as a billionaire, may have more money than the rest of us to invest in his physique, his exercise regime involves good old-fashioned motivation, including waking up at 5am to hit the gym.

Last year, he wrote about his rigorous routine in a blog post.

“Every day I do an hour of weights and band stretches with our wonderful fitness coach Ronny standing over me pushing me on,” he wrote.

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“I change workouts and muscle groups every other day to give one lot a rest.”

There’s also a lot of sport involved: “I also play a lot of tennis and love kitesurfing.”

He has also taken part in formal fitness challenges – which, conveniently enough, are organised within his own empire. In 2018, he took part in the Virgin Strive Challenge which involves biking, hiking and kayaking 2000 kilometres across Europe.

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“Strive was one of the proudest achievements of my life,” he was quoted saying on the official website.

Branson also follows a healthy diet. Although he has not spoke extensively about what it involves, he told The Guardian last year that he eats “healthy food” when it’s around him and has “stopped eating beef”.

He said his breakfast consists of: “porridge, fruit salad and green juice”.