Here's what drunk food looks like around the world

Ever wonder what over countries eat when they're feeling a bit worse for wear? [Photo: Getty]
Ever wonder what over countries eat when they're feeling a bit worse for wear? [Photo: Getty]

We’ve all been there.

You stumble out of a pub and decide you can’t possibly just go home. No, you need food and you need it now.

In England, it’s usually the nearest kebab shop we opt for, picking something you’d never even look at if you were sober.

While it seems every country needs something greasy and stodgy, what constitutes as drunk food differs a lot from nation to nation.

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Scottish people opt for a munchie box. It has the makings of an English drunk food dish; kebab meat, chicken, chips, but then it gets a whole lot better.

The munchie box also contains pizza, noodles, rice, onion rings, garlic bread, coleslaw and guess what? Naan bread. That’s right, naan bread.

This is doused in sauce and presented in a pizza sized box.


Shanghai are lucky enough to have plenty of street food options, and it’s a street food classic that has made it as a drunk food favourite.

Cong You Bing is a scallion pancake stuffed with vegetables (that’s right, it’s vaguely healthy) and meat.

It might look more like something you’d find at a fine dining restaurant, but don’t be fooled, it does the job.


Canada haven’t diverted too far from what we know to be classic drunk food. Chips, tick. Gravy, tick. Cheese curd, well; we like cheesy fries?

All of this is usually topped off with some sort of meat; pulled pork is a favourite.

This is called Poutine. It originated in Quebec and has since filtered through into other US states, including Chicago.

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In Greece, the drunk food of choice is called a vromiko sandwich. The exact translation of vromiko is dirty and it does not disappoint.

The sandwich can have loads of different fillings in it, but the most popular ones include chips, sausages, mayo and hot sauce.

The sandwich is called “dirty” not because of the food, but because of the state you might find yourself in at 5am.

South Africa

South Africans don’t do drunk food like the rest of us. They have a drunk drink, instead.

Sparletta Creme Soda is fondly called “creme sober” in South Africa because it cures your hangover before it even begins.

Apparently, the lemon and lime helps to break down the alcohol in your body faster.


Like South Africans, Spanish people like to do things a little differently.

Instead of greasy food, they prefer a dessert. Now we’re talking.

The dessert the Spanish most like after a fiesta is churros dipped in hot chocolate sauce. Excuse me while I book a one way flight to Spain.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan food is always delicious but the country’s famous Kottu Roti is not to be missed (drunk or not).

It’s a street food made up of Godhamba roti and vegetables, egg, meat, and spices.

Flatbread is chopped and then mixed amongst the vegetables and meat to give you a filling end result.

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Denmark is known for its forward-thinking, clean eating. It would seem even the Danish can’t resist some drunk food after one too many, though.

Like much of England, Denmark’s drunk food of choice is the humble Döner kebab.

Denmark’s kebab includes lettuce, tomatoes, plain dressing, chilli, and the meat or filling of your choosing. This is all neatly bundled into a thin wheat pancake.


Perhaps it’s a kebab, a pizza or some chips you crave after a night out. These are all valid post-pub options.

In Yorkshire, though, they ask for something more specific. Much like Canada’s poutine, the people of Yorkshire love cheese, chips and gravy.

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