Top 50 things that make us proud to be British during the coronavirus lockdown

Caroline Allen
Despite everything, there are glimmers of community spirit. (Getty Images)

Since Boris Johnson announced stricter measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus outbreak on 23 March, the UK has been in lockdown with all but essential trips outside the home banned.

Despite the tough times British people are facing, a sense of community and camaraderie has grown.

In a nationwide survey, 87% of British people said they were proud to be British, citing many reasons why our country makes them proud.

Unsurprisingly, the NHS topped the list with 71% of the vote.

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Our favourite foods also featured high on the list, as well. With fish and chips and a full-English breakfast featuring in second and third places.

With most fish and chip shops up and down the country closed, perhaps the nation is missing its much-loved takeaway meal.

The Queen, the British countryside and Big Ben all featured high on the list, too.

Plus, there were some lockdown favourites that have been keeping us going during this unprecedented time.

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The first lockdown specific name to be included on the top 50 list was Joe Wicks.

The Body Coach’s daily PE workouts have inspired millions of people - both children and adults alike - to tune in and get their daily dose of endorphins.

22% of the British public said that his workouts made them feel proud to be British during this time.

The Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, also featured on the list with 20% of the vote.

He has been a key part in the daily government briefings alongside Boris Johnson and it seems the British people have warmed to him.

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The poll from Perspectus Global also featured the likes of roast beef, Sir David Attenborough and Only Fools And Horses.

While many of the favourites related to certain people, TV shows or food, there were a few that simply stated the good qualities that British people possessed.

The likes of kindness and sarcasm, for example, came in 13th and 14th respectively.

Here’s the full list:

  1. The NHS   71%

  2.  Fish and chips   58%

  3. The full English breakfast 52%

  4.  The Queen   48%

  5.  The British countryside  44%

  6.  Big Ben    44%

  7.  Roast beef   42%

  8.  Tea    42%

  9.  Sir David Attenborough  38%

  10.  Pubs    37%

  11.  William Shakespeare   34%

  12.  Only Fools and Horses  32%

  13.  Kindness   31%

  14.  Sarcasm   30%

  15.  The Beatles   30%

  16.  James Bond   28%

  17.  Cream teas   27%

  18.  The Victoria Sponge cake 27%

  19.  JK Rowling   27%

  20.  Pie and mash   27%

  21.  Florence Nightingale  27%

  22.  Stonehenge   26%

  23.  Charles Dickens  26%

  24.  Stephen Hawking  26%

  25.  Cornish pasties   25%

  26.  Joe Wicks   22%

  27.  Neighbourly spirit  22%

  28.  Paddington Bear  22%

  29. Rishi Sunak   20%

  30.  Jane Austen   20%

  31.  The Duchess of Cambridge 19%

  32.  David Bowie   19%

  33.  The Blitz spirit   19%

  34.  Monty Python   18%

  35.  The Rolling Stones  18%

  36.  A stiff upper lip   17%

  37.  The changing guards  17%

  38.  Dame Judi Dench  17%

  39.  Stephen Fry   16%

  40.  Sir Michael Caine  16%

  41.  JRR Tolkien   16%

  42.  Chicken Tikka Masala  15%

  43.  Marmite   15%

  44.  CS Lewis   15%

  45.  Absolutely Fabulous  13%

  46.  Jamie Oliver   13%

  47.  Marmalade   12%

  48.  Dame Helen Mirren  12%

  49.  The Clifton Suspension Bridge 11%

  50. The houses of parliament 11%