Neighbourhood doing doorstep aerobics to keep fit during coronavirus restrictions

Simon Garner leads the doorstep workouts. (SWNS)
Simon Garner leads the doorstep workouts. (SWNS)

We’ve all had to get a bit inventive with our workouts amid the coronavirus outbreak, but Simon Garner’s fun doorstep aerobics might be the best yet.

The 43-year-old created a workout called “on your step” which encourages residents in Garner’s road in Kennington, London to get moving.

Residents have been seen on their doorsteps using everything from broomheads to tins as their weights of choice.

The workout starts with the song, Chim Chim Che-ree from Mary Poppins, where the residents use their brooms to clean their front steps.

Some residents take part through their windows. (SWNS)
Some residents take part through their windows. (SWNS)
This family got involved in the step workout. (SWNS)
This family got involved in the step workout. (SWNS)

The 30-minute morning workout take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays and Garner even has big plans for the future to stream them live on Instagram.

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The former creative director is in good steed to put such an event together.

He has raised over £300,000 for charities doing health and fitness fundraisers, has run over 100 marathons and climbed Kilimanjaro.

That’s quite the CV.

The residents are also making sure they’re very careful of social distancing rules, and it just so happens that each of the Georgian properties on the square are two metres apart.

Speaking of the variety of residents, Garner said: “We have people with OBEs, we have a Lady who was married to a Lord and politician, and we have lots of families, all taking part.

“We have a group of students who hang out their window to join in and then there is a man opposite me who must be in his late 60s. He has got his cans of beans and he is doing it.

“Then we have those who come out in their formal trousers and the gym bunnies in their leggings.

“We also have a man with a little black flat cap and a gillet and then we have the attorneys, the big power couple next door, all taking part.”

All types of residents are getting involved. (SWNS)
All types of residents are getting involved. (SWNS)

As many people will know, getting hold of fitness equipment is no easy feat with shops closed. That’s why the residents have got so inventive.

“We do sweeps and brushes with our broom heads to Dick Can Dyke's "Chim Chim Che-ree.” Garner said. They also stir imaginary pots with wooden spoons from the kitchen.

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The morning workouts evolved from a community-wide Whatsapp group. He sends each of the residents a set list ahead of the workout so they can get the music ready.

It seems this new community spirit has rubbed off on the road in more ways than one, too.

It was my birthday last Thursday and when I woke up, people had decorated their doorsteps and put notices in the windows so when I ran around the square I saw them all.

“I have lived here for ten years and I know my immediate neighbours left and right but I did not know everyone.

“It has created such a positive feeling and people in the square are just that bit closer than they were before.

“People from all walks of life are getting involved and it's so nice to see. It is wonderful to spread some positive news.”