'Harry's one regret will be he can't share parenthood with Diana,' says royal expert

Prince Harry’s one regret is that he can’t share the experience with his late mother, Princess Diana.

That’s according to royal expert Duncan Larcombe, author of ‘Prince Harry: The Inside Story’.

Speaking on Yahoo UK’s ‘Royal Box’, Larcombe said new dad Prince Harry will be feeling his mother’s absence.

“I think we’ve seen how happy Harry is and in that interview he couldn’t hide his joy. But, Diana’s missing.

“In a quiet moment away from all the hoi-polloi and the fuss he will sit down and one of his big regrets will be that he never had an opportunity to show his mum how proud he is of his new son.

“Unfortunately that’s something Harry’s had to live with since he was 12,” he adds.

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Meghan, Harry and their new arrival, left; Princess Diana, right. [Photo: Getty]
Meghan, Harry and their new arrival, left; Princess Diana, right. [Photo: Getty]

Larcombe thinks Harry’s loss at an early age will make him a good father. Prince Harry was just 12 years old when Diana did in a car accident in Paris.

“We’ve got to remember for people who have lost their parents in childhood it gives extra significance once they’ve become parents themselves.

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“When Harry is the hands-on dad that I’m sure he will be, he’ll remember all the special times he had, all the fun things he did with his mother, and this little boy will have one hell of an upbringing because Harry will throw everything he does into his family.”