This potty training horror story about a 'rolling poo' is the funniest thing you'll read all day

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A mum’s post about her potty training horror story is going viral [Photo: Getty]
A mum’s post about her potty training horror story is going viral [Photo: Getty]

A mum’s bid to find the innocent victim of her two-year-old daughter’s ‘rolling poo’ has taken the Internet by storm.

Any parent who has ever dipped their toes (quite literally in some cases!) into the murky waters of potty training will know that ‘accidents’ are a pretty regular occurrence.

But one mum found this out in a particularly mortifying way – after her daughter’s errant poo rolled into an adjacent toilet cubicle.

Louise Isaac, 25, from Devon, desperately tried to grab her little one’s number two as it made its way under the adjoining door towards an unsuspecting toilet-goer, even reaching underneath to retrieve it.

Now, she has taken to Facebook to apologise to her toilet neighbour for the potty training disaster – and launched a bid to find the woman who fell victim to the rolling poo.

Louise Isaac wants to apologise to the innocent poo victim [Photo: Facebook/LouiseIsaac]
Louise Isaac wants to apologise to the innocent poo victim [Photo: Facebook/LouiseIsaac]

“If you were in a toilet cubicle in the Plymouth City Market about 2pm today, minding your own business and suddenly a whole poo rolled under your door and then a frantic hand followed trying to find it and roll it back, I do apologise,” she wrote.

“Potty training a two-year-old and it’s not going well.”

Unsurprisingly, the humorous tale has struck a chord with other parents and since sharing the post has quickly gone viral; something the mum never expected.

Speaking about the incident, Louise said: “We were walking through town and as we got to the bottom of Royal Parade, she said ‘I have pooed.’”

“I thought ‘Oh no’ because I had left the changing bag in the car.”

“I went to the nearest toilets which was the market. I couldn’t find any baby changing so we just went in to a cubicle, the three of us, which was a squeeze.”

“As I pulled down her jeans, I was trying to pull the pull-up down really carefully, and I didn’t realise how much she had pooed.”

“As I was pulling it down, the poo just fell out, and because her back was to the adjoining cubicle that is how it rolled under. It just went on the floor.”

“I was like ‘Oh no!’ and I was grabbing for it and I said ‘Sorry!’ to the person next door.”

“It can’t be nice having a poo coming into your cubicle.”

[Photos: Facebook]
[Photos: Facebook]

Louise originally posted the story on her own Facebook page, but was encouraged to send it on to popular blogger The Unmumsy Mum after so many found it the story funny.

Before long, thousands of people were liking Louise’s post and using the comments to share their own potty training horror stories

“I once took my son to a carboot sale when he was a toddler,” one user wrote.
“He bent down to look at a little car for sale and a massive s**t dropped out of the bottom of his shorts onto the person’s stall…. I walked calmly away…”

Another mum had an equally horrifying tale. “When potty training my daughter, I let her go nappy free quite a lot. One night we had meatballs for tea. Her dad thought a stray meatball was on the floor and promptly went to throw it in his mouth, until I very quickly realised what it was and had to rugby tackle a piece of poo out of his hand.”

“Takes me back to one occasion potty training one of mine who wouldn’t use the toilet or potty but for some reason he felt more comfortable going behind the sofa in his favourite truck.. appropriately called a ‘Dump truck’! Yep he really did & more than once!” another woman shared.

“My naked daughter (16 months) climbed onto the pretty fabric chair in her room, then I saw the ‘poo face’ happening….. I had nothing other than my bare hand to save the chair…. yup, I caught a warm s**t with my hand… parenthood established,” yet another parent commented.

One woman had found herself on the receiving end of an adult rolling poo.

“This happened to me. As in, I was the unsuspecting, alarmed and confused victim of someone else’s rolling poo,” one woman wrote. “Only problem is, my experience happened at a work conference with no children present and to this day, I cannot fathom how an adult could maintain such little control over their poo that it broke free and came thundering into what should have been a safe space for me.”

Despite the post gaining more than 11,000 reactions on Facebook, Louise says she has still not been able to track down the unfortunate occupier of the cubicle next door.

But at least the tale has given other parents reassurance that the potty training struggle is oh so real.

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