Bridezilla puts guests through four days of manual labour to create wedding for free

The guests of the bride and groom had to work around the clock to get the wedding ready. [Photo: Getty]
The guests of the bride and groom had to work around the clock to get the wedding ready. [Photo: Getty]

From the guest lists to the table plans to the flower arrangements. Weddings can be stressful at the best of times.

Some couples love the challenge, others hire a wedding planner. One bride, though, had other ideas.

She drafted in her wedding guests as unpaid manual labourers and put them all to work on her dream wedding.

One of her wedding guests took Reddit to vent her frustration after she found herself climbing up trees to hang lights in the sweltering heat.

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When we weren’t working outside we were inside making food, ironing millions of table clothes and napkins, making table toppers, and my friends mum [sic] who is a florist spent hours every day doing the flowers, all for free.”

The wedding guests scrambled around for five whole days to get the wedding ready.

The bride took to project managing the whole thing from the comfort of her air-conditioned room, much to the guests dismay.

The guest said: “The bride helped with nothing. She sat inside in the air conditioning scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to find new ideas she could make us build outside for her.”

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Everyone was slowly getting sick of the bride. It sucked coming inside after laying a brick walkway to see her kicked back relaxing, and it sucked making Pinterest snacks while she barked orders from the table.” She continued.

On the day of the wedding, the guests were forced to get up at 5am to finish their creation. While some of them went off to help the bride get ready, the others were left to create a buffet for the guests.

The guest had a new found respect for wedding planners after her unexpected insight into that career. “I don’t know how wedding planners do it, and now know why people spend months/years planning a wedding. It made me want to just have a courthouse wedding because never again.”

At least the wedding planners get paid.

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