Pinterest Has Identified the Top Style Trends for Summer

Pinterest users have been taking a “bold, fearless” approach as they fill their boards with inspirational ideas for fashion, beauty, hosting and home decor for summer. New data from the platform’s summer 2024 trend report, which looks across the company’s analysis of billions of searches made by more than 480 million global users, predicts the summer will see a rise in consumers looking to showcase unique personalities and individuality with new trends emerging.

The authors of Pinterest’s report said that within the fashion category, data indicates the summer will continue to favor maximalism. This bold fashion, they said, “allows individuals to showcase their unique personalities and individuality.” Further, the sentiment speaks to young consumers highly valuing self-expression and feeling empowered by their choices.

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Pinterest identified the top four trends in fashion for the season as tomboy femme, rocker chic, corp-core and Y3K aesthetic. Searches for “Y3K outfits” saw an increase of 6,030 percent year-over-year, with related searches including “retro-future fashion,” “silver sneaker outfits” and “lime green outfit ideas” also being called out for significantly increased interest.

The company also found that users are embracing elements of “rocker chic” fashion with a 5,550 percent increase in searches for “alt baddie,” a 1,050 percent increase in searches for “rock and roll outfit” and a 470 percent increase in searches for “leather wear.” Within the corp-core trend, popular searches on Pinterest have included “corporate chic” with a 950 percent increase, “geek chic” with an 870 percent increase, “pinstriped pants” with a 135 percent increase, “vest and skirt” with a 160 percent increase and “batik blazer” with a 280 percent increase.

Searches for “tomboy femme” have received a 3,900 percent increase year-over-year on Pinterest with additional related searches including “baggy outfit ideas with 290 percent increase, “oversize jerseys” with a 175 percent increase, “tomboy chic” with a 170 percent increase and “green cargos outfit” with a 320 percent increase.

In jewelry specifically, searches for “maximalist jewelry” increased by 3,460 percent, “eclectic jewelry” increased by 3,410 percent and “chunky gold jewelry” increased by 700 percent.

Within beauty, Pinterest’s data suggests consumers are favoring nostalgia from the 1990s and 2000s. Searches for “’90s makeup look” and “2000s makeup” have increased by 270 percent and 580 percent, respectively. The trend continues to search for throwback hairstyles as well with searches for “2000s chunky highlights” increasing 5,400 percent, searches for “calico hair” increasing 6,500 percent and searches for “razer cut bob” increasing 8,200 percent.

Pinterest’s researchers also found an increase in Italian beauty trends with searches for “Italian makeup” increasing 220 percent and searches for “Italian bob” increasing 1,100 percent.

Meanwhile, the authors of Pinterest’s report found that within the home decor category, users are looking to “evoke a sense of joy” with searches for “dopamine decor” increased by 280 percent. In the same sentiment, the data found searches for “whimsical decor” increased 4,690 percent and searches for “grandma core bedroom” increased 2,605 percent.

Consumers are also looking to find inspiration from Nancy Meyers when it comes to home decor, further suggesting that they want to replicate the filmmaker’s “feel good” experience in their environments. Top searches include “Nancy Meyers living room” with an increase of 2,090 percent, “Nancy Meyers homes” with an increase of 2,055 percent and “Nancy Meyers bedroom” with an increase of 1,505 percent.

Pinterest users are also looking to bring entertainment to their homes through hosting. Searches for “dinner party” have increased 6,000 percent with searches for throwing a “themed dinner party” increasing 44 percent and “Bridgerton tea party” increasing 430 percent since last year.

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