Piers Morgan sparks outrage after claiming women with hairy armpits are unattractive

Chris Edwards

Piers Morgan has sparked outrage amongst female Good Morning Britain viewers after claiming men would never be attracted to a woman with hairy armpits.

Morgan and co-host Susanna Reid were discussing the new campaign ‘Januhairy‘, which encourages women to not shave their armpits and embrace their natural hair.

But Morgan was repulsed by the idea, and after being shown images of celebrities who have decided not to shave – including Lady Gaga, Madonna and Julia Roberts – the GMB presenter said he ‘died inside’.

Reid asked Morgan if he shaved his pits, to which he replied a firm, ‘No.’

“Is that laziness?” Reid then asked.

“No because women don’t have a problem with that. But men don’t fancy women who let it all out in January.

“Most women and men I’m seeing reacting to us all agree. Why do you need to do this it’s January?” he replied.

Reid argued that the campaign has nothing to do with women trying to get men to fancy them, and that it was an expression of femininity. 

Piers Morgan is repulsed by the idea of women not shaving their armpits

But Morgan took one look at a picture of Madonna’s unshaved pits and said: “Look at that, I mean seriously?

“If we thought Madonna couldn’t get any more revolting? Why be so lazy? They just can’t be bothered to shave?”

Morgan tweeted the picture of Madonna during the show and described Januhairy as lazing and revolting.

Outraged women took to Twitter to lambast the presenter, with many accusing him of having double standards.

Guest Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace was in agreement with Morgan and even heaved when Kate Smurthwaite wafted her armpit hair at her. 

Kate Smurthwaite wafts her armpit hair at Aisleyne Horgan-Wallac

Smurthwaite argued that women shouldn’t be told what to do with their bodies and that they should embrace the way they naturally are.

“One thing my armpit hair does is it filters out the kind of men that thinks that’s important,” she said.

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