Peter Andre's fans beg him not to make 'mistake' as he finally reveals newborn's name

Peter Andre has finally announced the name of his newborn daughter after sharing that he and wife Emily were undecided on the infant's name. In a sweet Instagram post, Emily shared the news, as she wrote: "It's taken a while but after lots of deliberation we've finally decided. Arabella Rose Andrea."

Peter also shared the news on his own Instagram page, and fans were quick to react to the chosen name. Captioning a picture of baby Arabella, Peter wrote: "I think you've chosen a beautiful name @dr_emily_official," "Arabella Rose Andrea. I LOVE it. and I love her... and you of course."

Fans were quick to share their verdict on the name, with one begging the Mysterious Girl singer to avoid sorting the sweet name, while others predicted that she will get the nickname Bella.

Peter and Arabella Andre
Peter Andre has shared that he has named his baby daughter Arabella -Credit:Instagram/Peter Andre
Peter and Emily Andre
Peter and Emily had been struggling to choose a name for their daughter following her birth -Credit:Instagram/Peter Andre

One commenter wrote: "It's a nice name but I hope you don't shorten it. It would be a shame if you did." While another added: "My great granddaughter is called Arabella she's nearly 8 she always insists on Arabella and tells us off if we call her Ari which we do sometimes but she hates it too. No one has ever called her Bella."

Others shared their own thoughts on the name, with one writing: "Peter that's a beautiful name for a beautiful little girl." While another joked: "I read it as Arrabiatta and honestly thought you named her after a pasta dish. Had to read it 3 times. I need my bed."

Peter and Emily had previously revealed they were struggling to choose a name and had taken to calling her 'bubba' for the first few weeks of her life. Before they finally settled on Arabella, Peter had taken to social media to seek inspiration and advice from his army of fans.

Peter Andre and Emily
Fans have begged the parents to avoid shortening their daughter's name -Credit:Peterandre/Instagram

At the time, he revealed he'd narrowed it down to two, but said he and Emily were still undecided, saying: "Athena is in the running. Not sure how ems feels about it but I LOVE it." He also told another fan that "Charlotte is also in the running. I like Charlie."

In his OK! column, Peter discussed the difficulties of chose a name, writing: "Emily has been making an amazing recovery since the birth… but as I write this we still don’t have a name! We were in the exact same situation when we had Millie. We went round in circles for weeks, but it’s not until you meet a baby that you truly know their name.

We don’t have long now until we need to register her, so the clock is ticking. I loved Olivia, Charlotte and Athena, but Emily didn’t get too excited about those, so they’re off the table. It’s a big decision!"