People are photoshopping their knuckles for perfect manicure snap

People are eager to show off their fresh manicures on Instagram. [Photo: Getty]
People are eager to show off their fresh manicures on Instagram. [Photo: Getty]

There are over 25 million photos under the manicure hashtag on Instagram.

That’s right, nail art is big business with designers around the world bucking manicure trends (If London Fashion Week is anything to go by, SS20 will be all about lines and pops of colour).

That’s why people are eager to take the perfect manicure photo for their grid.

If this new trend is anything to go by, “perfect” fingers means photoshopped knuckles and it’s really quite weird (Think: hotdogs for legs, but with fingers...).

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Instagram expert, Sara Tasker, uncovered the new trend which has slipped quietly under the radar until now.

In her Twitter post she wrote: “New in “instagram trends that quietly frighten me” we have airbrushing out your knuckles for that ‘hot dog’ look...”

In the photos, the knuckles in question are abnormally smooth. In fact, in some photos the knuckles have been removed altogether.

Who wanted to bend their fingers, anyway?

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Hundreds of horrified people commented on the trend.

“Why are we so ashamed of being humans?” One philosophical tweeter pondered.

“I'd just gone and bought wrinkle cream for my fingers. I was that ashamed from looking at these pics! Phew!” Another added.

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One tweet commented, “knees and elbows will be next”, in response.

Although photoshopping knees and ankles is a hopefully inaccurate look into our future, it does beg the question why we feel the need to photoshop all possible signs of wrinkles from our bodies.

It wasn’t too long ago that an anti-ageing pillow-bra gained notoriety on social media to ban cleavage wrinkles.

Who even knew cleavage wrinkles were a thing?

In any case, wrinkles are a very natural part of getting older and when it comes to our knuckles, they’re a pretty essential requirement for - you know - using our hands.

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