Half of couples getting married feel pressure to have an 'Instaworthy' wedding

Almost half of couples getting married feel pressure to throw a wedding that looks good on Instagram [Image: Getty]
Almost half of couples getting married feel pressure to throw a wedding that looks good on Instagram [Image: Getty]

Once upon a time, the only people who would see your wedding photos would be close friends and family.

Now, snaps of a couple’s big days are being shared far and wide thanks to social media.

The result is that an increasing number of those getting married are concerned about whether their nuptials are “Instaworthy” enough.

A new survey of 2,800 couples has shown that almost half - 42 per cent - are feeling the pressure to ensure their special occasion is social media-ready.

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The National Wedding Survey also found that a quarter of engaged couples will go up to 30 per cent over their budget in order to ensure their wedding will look good on Instagram.

This is cited as one of the key reasons the financial set-back of marriage has gone up in recent years.

The average cost for a wedding in 2019 is £31,974 - a significant increase on last year’s £30,355.

Of the survey’s findings, Sarah Allard, editor of Hitched, said: “With Instagram becoming an increasing part of our day to day lives, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing our wedding planning couples – many of them millennials who have grown up with social media – looking to the platform to help inspire their day.”

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Venue hire remains the biggest cost, at around £5,406, with food setting couples back £3,887 and drink at £1,587, as well as the engagement ring coming in at £2,419 and honeymoon at £4,645.

Additional expenses now include engagement photoshoots specifically to share the good news on social media, which can set you back £200.

Then there’s the need to ensure the backdrop to the wedding will stand out on an Instagram feed.

“Our customer base wants confetti that will photograph well and tassel garlands,” Sandi Chahal, who runs a party and accessories company, told the BBC.

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“They send images that they have found on Pinterest to show us exactly what they want.

"That's when we noticed a trend in a desire for vivid shades and extravagant decor for weddings."

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