Anti-ageing pillow-bra makes the Internet all kinds of angry

A lot of people have got opinions about this bra. [Photo:]
A lot of people have got opinions about this bra. [Photo:]

Women are in a constant battle with the beauty industry over the impossible standards pressed upon us.

That hasn’t stopped US brand, Sleep & Glow, launching a bra to combat - wait for it - cleavage wrinkles.

If you, like us, didn’t know cleavage wrinkles presented such a problem to our lives, Sleep & Glow explains that these are formed when you frequently sleep on your side.

The pillow, which looks like a fancy version of a rollercoaster seat restraint, will set you back £55.

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Dawn French led the confusion by simply stating: “I don’t understand anything anymore.”

We’re with you, Dawn.

Her tweet attracted a lot of attention, with actress Kerry Godliman asking: “Is this tit floss?”

It’s safe to say we’re all a little confused by the contraption which claims to be an “ideal gift for you and your girlfriends.”

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Others couldn’t help but see the funny side of it.

One Twitter user wrote: “Don’t have that problem, mine hide in my armpits at night.”

Another highlighted a rather important point that the brand had potentially overlooked: “Just thinking through the logistics of this... I don’t think there’s room for the boob thing between the boobs without creating a whole other side wrinkle issue...”

There’s a lot to think about here.

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After all the attention the pillow bra received, Sleep & Glow released a statement on the matter.

“We hadn’t expected that our ad would generate such a discussion. Our pillow bra product is for those ladies who are concerned about cleavage wrinkles. In no way we were raising such a concern among women who don’t have it. It’s a free choice of every lady to be or not to be concerned about this problem.”

“Many women use cloths and towels to separate breasts during sleep to fight cleavage wrinkles and sweating. We have developed the pillow bra, which is much better than those ‘do it yourself’ solutions. Our mission was and is to improve lives of women, who are concerned about the problem of cleavage wrinkles.”

“Beauty care is a personal choice of every woman and we respect any choice she makes.”

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