People are having sex while wearing AirPods, survey reveals

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People have admitted to having sex while wearing AirPods in recent poll. [Photo: Getty]
People have admitted to having sex while wearing AirPods in recent poll. [Photo: Getty]

A recent survey, which delved into the sexual preferences of music fans, found that 17 per cent of those surveyed have had sex with AirPods in their ears.

The survey didn’t ask any follow up questions, which has got us wondering just how this works.

The first question that puzzles us is whether or not both people are wearing AirPods. If so, do they listen to the same music?

Questions, questions, questions.

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If not, it must be quite an odd experience to have sex with somebody who has AirPods in.

TickPick’s survey of just over 1,000 people also looked at which music fans were most satisfied with their sex lives.

Of all the people surveyed, 57 per cent of people were content with their sex lives. Of those, people who listened to pop were the least satisfied and country music fans enjoyed the best sex.

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Most people on Twitter were confused about why people would want to have sex with wireless headphones on.

Some people, though, offer up snippets of advice on the best orgasm songs to listen to on your AirPods.

One woman said: “Wear AirPods playing the fairy godmother’s cover of holding out for a hero in Shrek 2 when you’re having sex to achieve the ultimate orgasm.”

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Another asked if having sex with AirPods on was the new “having sex with your socks on”.

It also appears that people have been talking about having sex with AirPods in way before this survey came to light.

In January, one tweet read: “You're horribly mistaken if you think my AirPods are coming out during sex.”

Mind. Blown.

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