Child’s play injures more than 7 million parents

Parents are being injured playing with their children [Photo: Getty]
Parents are being injured playing with their children [Photo: Getty]

Some parents might admit to finding playing with their children somewhat tiresome, but it can also be pretty dangerous with new research revealing seven million parents have been injured during child’s play.

The survey, by Bupa UK Insurance, found two in five parents are harmed while playing with their children.

Injury-prone mums and dads can expect an average of five injuries before their child reaches the age of 10.

And those bumps and scrapes stack up with more 13 million working days being lost to playground strains and sprains.

Injuries are caused by bouncy castles, slides and rough and tumble as well as stepping on toys.

There is no pain like that of stepping on a stray piece of Lego.

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Common causes of injuries among playful parents include lifting their children onto play equipment (22%), running after their children (20%) or being 'played on' (19%).

Others report injuring themselves on their annual turn in the parents’ race at school sports days.

In the more unique cases of parental accidents, injuries were caused by kicking a large stone buried in a sandpit and getting carried away with acting out a bedtime story.

Going down a slide is just one of the ways parents are injuring themselves [Photo: Getty]
Going down a slide is just one of the ways parents are injuring themselves [Photo: Getty]

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The problem is that despite a significant number of parents experiencing injuries including sprains and strains, back and neck pain, pulled muscles or even broken bones, just 15% have spoken to medical specialist.

Commenting on the findings Dr Damian McClelland, Clinical Director for Musculoskeletal Services at Bupa UK Insurance says: "Playing with your children can be one of the biggest joys as a parent, and can be great for bonding and development, but our research has shown it isn't without risk.

"In my clinic I've seen my fair share of parents suffering serious injuries such as shoulder dislocations and fractures resulting in time off work and, in some cases, surgery.”

To help parents keep up with their active children, Bupa UK Insurance has released a new guide designed to help keep parents injury-free.

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