Oxfam opens 'superstore' with vintage and designer items on sale

The store is 12 times bigger than the average shop. [Photo: Oxfam]
The store is 12 times bigger than the average shop. [Photo: Oxfam]

Oxfam has opened a “superstore” in Oxford, where the charity began over 75 years ago.

As well as being twelve times bigger than the average Oxfam shop, it has a drive-through donation point, making it easier than ever to make a donation.

The brand confirmed the shop will sell items donated to the store as well as a selection of its “Sourced By Oxfam” range.

The range features a selection of brand new homeware and gifts, all of which are ethically sourced.

The store features a drive-through donation point. [Photo: Oxfam]
The store features a drive-through donation point. [Photo: Oxfam]

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On the day it opened, the store featured a number of pre-owned designer pieces.

This included a £19.99 pair of Gucci shoes and a £24.99 Michael Kors bag and a £14.99 Victoria Beckham top, according to the Daily Mail.

Oxfam have opened the store to coincide with Second Hand September.

Second Hand September has seen people all around the UK pledging to only buy pre-owned items throughout the month of September.

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The superstore also has an online store, allowing people from further afield to shop for discounted designer and vintage items.

And it’s not just clothes up for grabs.

The opening day saw a 1960s Ercol table available for £700. Those with a keen interiors eye will notice that’s quite a bargain; usually a table of this kind would be available for somewhere in the region of £2,000.

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Oxfam, founded in 1942, now has 650 stores across the UK run by 23,000 volunteers.

It attracts donations from celebrities and has even reportedly had pre-worn items from the Royal family for sale before.

One of its more unique donations was a rare book of etchings by Italian artist, Piranesi, which sold for £30,000 at auction.

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