Second Hand September: What is it and how to get involved

Can you give up buying new clothes for 30 days? [Photo: Getty]
Can you give up buying new clothes for 30 days? [Photo: Getty]

The beginning of September usually signals the itch to re-stock our entire wardrobes with new season staples.

With autumn just around the corner, can you turn your back on temptation and commit to saying no to new clothes for 30 entire days?

That’s what Oxfam is asking of us.

Alongside supermodel, Stella Tennant, it’s launching the new initiative Second Hand September.

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The initiative isn’t about abstaining from shopping entirely. Instead, it’s about investing in pre-loved clothing. This sustainable step won’t just help the environment, it’ll likely save us money, too.

Oxfam is making it easy for us by sharing news and fashion tips from the industry. You can take the pledge here.

September seems like the perfect time for an initiative like this. The eyes will be on the fashion industry this September, as major labels from around the world showcase spring/summer 2020 at fashion weeks in cities from New York to London.

For those of us pledging to take part in Second Hand September, we aren’t short of inspiration.

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It’s easier than ever to educate ourselves on the importance of eco-friendly fashion. The Good On You app is a a solid starting point to focus on the four R’s of fashion: reduce, reuse, repair, resale.

There’s also a host of ‘grammers who are leading the way in sustainable fashion on Instagram.

From Natalie Kay at Sustainably Chic to ethical unicorn, Francesca Willow, it’s possible to find a whole world of sustainable shopping ideas on social media.

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The resale market has grown by 9.2% in two years, with luxury retailers adding re-sale to their collections as well as high-street stores bolstering the collective conscious.

Challenge accepted, Oxfam.

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