Outer Banks fans have spotted a number of editing errors in new season

Outer Banks is finally back on our Netflix screens after a very long wait for season three. The Pogues have returned and this season find themselves marooned on an island, with no hope of escape. Whilst fans have been totally absorbed into the new series (we may have binged it all) a number of viewers have highlighted a few editing errors in season three.

In episode two of the new series we see Kiara (Madison Bailey) and Rafe (Drew Starkey) attempting to escape Carlos Singh’s mansion.

As the pair chase after a van and pull themselves up onto it, many fans couldn't help but think Kiara looks slightly different to how she usually does, as the clip appears to be of Madison Bailey's stunt double who wasn't edited out.

The clip was first shown on in a TikTok and many fans commented to ask why a stunt double was used for the scene and a few questioned if it was actually Madison Bailey as one person said: "I can’t stop watching this, I swear it was her."

Viewers have also pointed out another clip including Kiara with a rather obvious editing mistake, except this time it's her co-star Rudy Pankow as JJ people are talking about. In a new clip from season three JJ and Kiara are seen riding on JJ's bike, except when you take a closer look it's not actually Rudy driving the bike, instead it's a stunt double that's been used.

Some fans think the stunt double looked more like John B than JJ, in fairness we can sort of see the comparison.

Another clip going viral on TikTok is from episode one of the new season "Poguelandia".

In the scene in which JJ is bitten by a crab, if you listen very closely you can hear a "chomp" like sound, which is almost cartoonish.

Whilst we're not doubting a crab does make some sort of sound when biting, we doubt it actually makes a full on "chomp" noise when doing so.

Outer Banks fans have been finding the clip hilarious with one person saying: "I ABSOLUTELY DIED WHEN I HEARD THAT" and another compared it to cartoon Scooby Doo, "sounds like Scooby eating a Scooby Snack."

Did you spot the errors?

Outer Banks season 3 is available on Netflix now

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