Ola Jordan shows off incredible weight loss in sizzling before and after bikini snaps

Ola Jordan has wowed her followers on social media with some incredible before-and-after photos showcasing her weight loss journey.

The former Strictly dance pro, 41, and her hubby James Jordan, 46, have been open about their battle to shed the pounds after piling on the weight during the pandemic.

The couple managed to drop a whopping seven stone between them - and have been keeping their fans updated on their fitness journey throughout.

The mum-of-one confessed she felt like she'd 'lost herself' after her body changed, admitting that she missed her dancer's physique, and questioned whether she'd ever feel 'sexy' again post-baby and lockdown weight gain.

Ola Jordan
Ola and her hubby James have seriously shed the pounds -Credit:INSTAGRAM

After being told by doctors that they fell into the 'obese' category, the couple was spurred into action, overhauling their diet and exercise routine. They even reignited their passion for dancing, incorporating it into their regular workout sessions.

On Friday, Ola excitedly shared a side-by-side comparison of her progress on Instagram Stories, encouraging her fans to join her and James for a 'Dance Shreds Workout'. She teased the post with "Workout with James and I" and provided a handy link to their dance workout platform, reports the Mirror.

Ola confessed that she wouldn't even leave the house after gaining weight and felt like a 'shell of her former self. ' But with a combination of exercise and a healthy diet, she has shed over three stone in just a few weeks.

Ola Jordan in red bikini snaps
Ola Jordan shows off incredible bikini before after weight loss photos -Credit:Instagram/ @olajordan

"I feel like I've lost a whole person. A size 14 was my biggest. I'm quite short as well so a size 14 for some people isn't big and that's the problem with weight and sizes because some people say a 14 isn't big," Ola shared with Mail Online. "But being 5ft3 and a size 14 is big. I'm a size eight now. I missed my old self. There's nothing wrong with admitting it."

The dance pro continued: "People now preach body positivity, and they accept it, but I really missed my old self and that's not just my body it was with dance and everything else. Health is important for me, and I want to stay healthy for as long as I can."

James and Ola Jordan by the pool in the sun
Ola admitted she felt 'horrified and disappointed' in herself over her 'mum bod' when she posted this snap -Credit:Ola Jordan/Instagram

Ola also got candid about her intimate life with husband James, saying in a recent interview: "If I wear something sexier in the bedroom, it naturally gives you confidence."

The star, who first opened up last year about how things had improved in the bedroom, added: "You're also happier within yourself so things improve around you, whether it be in the bedroom or your relationship And James is fit. He always was fit. I'm a very lucky girl," she revealed to The Sun.