Ola Jordan highlights weight loss in bikini: 'Five months of dancing, dieting and sweating'

The former Strictly Come Dancing pro has shared her health journey after being 'horrified' by a swimwear photo last year.

Stock picture of Ola Jordan in her Strictly Come Dancing days, she has recently shared a video of her weight loss. (Getty Images)
Ola Jordan has highlighted her recent weight loss in a transformation video shared to Instagram. (Getty Images)

Ola Jordan has shared a video highlighting before and after bikini shots of her weight loss after revealing being "horrified" by a swimwear picture lead to her embarking on a health kick.

In the comparison clip, posted to Instagram, the former Strictly Come Dancing professional, 40, wore the same green bikini to highlight her body shape both before and after losing weight, since kick-starting her new regime in the summer.

Ola and her husband James Jordan, also a former Strictly pro who joined his wife in losing weight, previously revealed they were "very proud" of the weight they had lost after being told by doctors they were obese following the 2020 birth of their daughter Ella.

The couple had also been motivated to change their lifestyle after seeing an image of themselves posing in swimwear.

The before and after video shows Ola jumping into the air and landing on her feet five months later in the same swimwear, showing her body transformation.

In the accompanying caption she explained a little more about her health and fitness journey.

"Yep it took just 2 seconds … plus 5 months and lots of dancing, dieting and sweating," she wrote.

"When we started documenting our fitness journey we didn’t know if we would ever get to where we wanted to be. So we’re really knocked out that we have a second video to follow the first.

"Don’t say ‘never in doubt’ because however determined you are – even for professional dancers – there are always bumps on the way and that’s why it’s great to have some support to get you to your goals."

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Ola Jordan and James Jordan pictured on the red carpet together. They have recently embarked on a weight loss journey. (Getty Images)
The Strictly stars (pictured in 2018) were told by doctors that they were obese. (Getty Images)

After sharing the motivational post, many congratulated Ola and James on their recent body transformation.

"Amazing well done both of you and thank you for showing us real photos of your self," one user commented.

"Congratulations you look so happy and healthy now," another wrote.

"This is amazing," another fan added. "I mean you looked great before, but if your [sic] happy being a different size that is all that matters.

"Absolutely love this! Inspiration to us who want to loose [sic] weight and knowing we can do it with role models like you!"

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Ola's before and after reveal comes after the couple shared that they were advised to lose weight if they wanted to have another baby, after being classed as 'obese'.

The Jordans made the confession while appearing on Tuesday's Lorraine to reveal more about their combined 6.5 stone weight loss.

Ola admitted she "needed a wake up call" after admitting "hiding" her body and recalling avoiding a party because she didn't want to dress herself.

Sharing a clip of their appearance to Instagram, the couple explained that they had "shocked Lorraine" during their appearance after revealing they were actually classified as obese back in the summer.

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The couple previously shared the motivation behind their decision to get in shape in a further post on Instagram.

"Since Ola posted that unflattering picture back in the summer, we have both shifted a lot of timber," James explained.

"Because we were unhealthy. We went to the doctor and were both told we were in the obese category. Which for us as professional dancers, to be told that you're obese wasn't very nice."

Ola noted: "I think we both needed that wake-up call and realisation where we'd got ourselves to. We needed to change our ways and be healthy for Ella. It's a hard pill to swallow."

Her husband added: "It is hard and we were stuck there a very long time. We had to change something, which we did. We had to start moving more, exercising more and change our diet."

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Ola Jordan and James Jordan pictured on the red carpet in 2018. (Getty Images)
Ola and James Jordan were motivated to lose weight after sharing an image of them in swimwear in the summer. (Getty Images)

Back in July Ola shared a picture of the couple in swimwear to Instagram, revealing that she had been hesitant to post it because it made her feel "horrified and so disappointed with myself".

Captioning the image – which showed the dancing professionals posing in front of a pool in the sunshine – Ola wrote: "Hi guys. I wasn’t going to post this picture but I’ve decided to because I’m horrified and so disappointed with myself and by posting it I’m hoping it will help motivate me to do something about it.

"Our friend took this snap of us yesterday trying to stay cool by the pool but OMG... it was a total shock to say the least! When did we get ‘mum and dad bods’????

"We know we’re not in our best Strictly shape but hey that’s what happens when you stop dancing for hours every day and have a baby. (I just want to know James’ excuse).

"Stay cool everyone. I think I need to avoid the ice cream for a while!!!"