Lorraine Kelly reveals incredible 1.5 stone weight loss in before and after photos

Lorraine Kelly has shared images of her weight loss transformation to Instagram, pictured in November 2022. (Getty Images)
Lorraine Kelly has shared images of her weight loss transformation to Instagram, pictured in November 2022. (Getty Images)

Lorraine Kelly has shown off the effects of her 1.5st (9.5kg) weight loss, sharing before and after images of her incredible transformation to Instagram.

The presenter also revealed she had dropped two dress sizes as she credited the WW (formerly Weight Watchers) programme for helping her to feel "happier and healthier."

Sharing images of her progress with her fans on Instagram, the breakfast TV host wrote in an inspiring caption: "Wow I can't believe both pictures are me!! I've dropped two dress sizes – I've lost a stone and a half - and the best part of all, I'm finding it easy to keep it off - all thanks to @ww.uk."

Kelly went on to say that thanks to the app, which helps her track what she eats, her sleep and exercise, she's been able to create and stick to healthy habits.

The programme has also helped her discover "lots of delicious recipes to cook (or at least try haha!)".

She added: "I feel happier and healthier and I love sharing my experiences with the WW community."

After sharing images revealing her progress, one before her weight loss, enjoying a pizza, and another of her looking trim in a body-skimming pink dress, her followers were quick to compliment her on the results.

"Looking fantastic Lorraine, well done lady," one wrote.

"You look amazing," another added.

"You look absolutely fabulous Lorraine, fair play to you," yet another fan commented.

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However, some fans did point out that the comparison between the two shots seemed slightly "unfair".

"Oh come on, let's compare full styled and professional make-up shot against trakie [sic] pizza loving candid shot," one user wrote. "A little unfair and disproportionate don't you think?"

"I like Lorraine, but the two pictures are not a fair comparison," another agreed. "No make up, unflattering outfit and messy hair in the first and done up to the nines by a professional in the second is not a true reflection."

Lorraine Kelly has recently lost 1.5st, pictured in October 2022. (Getty Images)
Lorraine Kelly has recently lost 1.5 stone, pictured in October 2022. (Getty Images)

The presenter previously revealed she had been unhappy with her body after "comfort eating" during the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw her weight creep up.

"During the pandemic, I started comfort eating and that was my downfall – comfort eating and not being able to go to my fitness classes," she told the Mirror.

"When those classes stopped I started eating far too much – it was things that I would probably never bother with. Like I wanted muffins, I wanted croissants, I wanted doughnuts.

"All of these things that you know you shouldn’t be having and you think it’s making you feel better at the time and it doesn’t. And so slowly, slowly, slowly over the past couple of years, I’ve gone from a size 10 to a size 14…"

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Back in March, Kelly gave an update on her weight loss journey after joining WW in the hope of being the "best version" of herself – the mission was sparked after she went up by two dress sizes during lockdown.

She reposted a message from her WW mentor, who wrote: "This is what success looks like! Massive well done to Lorraine, not only have you achieved your half stone but you've lost a whopping ELEVEN pounds!

"Three pounds for a stone! Weight Watchers UK and I are super proud. What a fantastic journey you're having."

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The TV presenter gave an update on her weight loss journey in March, pictured in May 2022. (Getty Images)
The TV presenter gave an update on her weight loss journey in March, pictured in May 2022. (Getty Images)

The TV presenter says she actually found losing weight "dead easy", explaining that she switched up her diet and fitness regime by making sure she did 10,000 steps a day.

“It isn’t a stupid, silly diet because diets don’t work, as we know," she says. "It’s just about making little changes.

“We all know what is good for us, we all know what we are supposed to eat, so it is about getting that balance right.

"I'm not bored or miserable and thinking about food all the time, just eating well.”

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As well as batch making vegetable soap for lunch, Kelly has another weight loss trick she previously shared with her fans – ditching the food guilt.

The star advised not "beating yourself up if you do have a chocolate biscuit" because "it’s not the end of the world!"

"There is nothing wrong with having a biscuit with a cup of tea, it’s fine, it’s just about getting the balance,” she adds.

The presenter says she now feels “happier, healthier and more confident” at her “ideal” weight.