Not a morning person? You're not lazy - it's all down to science

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The world is divided into two types of people – morning people, and most-definitely-not morning people.

If you’re the latter and feel like you’ve been hit by a steam train even after hitting the ‘snooze’ button five times, morning people may have accused you of being lazy or lacking motivation.

But apparently, you actually can’t help it, as it’s all to do with your body clock.

Scientists recently surveyed high school students on their sleep habits by dividing them into two groups – those who considered themselves to be night owls, and morning people.

The study, published in the medical journal Pediatrics, found that even if students sleep exactly the same number of hours in a night there were big cognitive, behavioural and emotional differences between the two groups.

[Photo: Pexels]

And even if night owls got more sleep than their early-rising fellow students, they were still sleepier the day afterwards.

According to Mail Online, the researchers connected this tendency to a person’s ‘chronotype’ – essentially how you’re genetically wired to sleep at different times of day or your body clock.

So if you can’t get up when that alarm goes off, it’s not because you can’t be bothered – your body is just designed to sleep and rise at a different time.

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