The healthiest time of day to go for a number two

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We may all have different diets, lifestyles and body clocks, but according to experts there’s an ideal time for us to go for a number two.

And while not everyone goes once a day like clockwork – three times a day to once a week and everything in between is considered fine – one time of day is apparently better for us than others.

That time of day is in the morning – 30 minutes after we wake up, to be precise – as our colon and small intestines process the day’s food while we’re asleep.

So then, when we wake up, up bowels can release any waste from the day before.

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Makes sense, and is rather familiar, right?

Or perhaps it doesn’t describe you at all? Never fear – NetDoctor’s GP Roger Henderson gave Good Housekeeping advice on getting your irregular bowel clock steady again.

The first thing to do is keep your eating and sleeping habits regular.

Then come changes in your diet – stay well hydrated, ensure it includes enough fruit, vegetables and fibre, and avoid highly-processed foods.

Exercise is also key, as it’ll speed up and regulate your bowels.

And finally, if you need to go, go – holding it in will mess with that clock and perhaps even damage your colon. So don’t rush it.

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