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Save £50 off Ninja's new viral ice cream maker: 'One of the best things ever invented'


ninja ice cream maker
Ninja's ice cream maker is a dessert lover's dream. (Ninja / Yahoo Life UK)

If you haven't heard about Ninja's viral ice cream maker yet, allow us to introduce you to the popular gadget that has taken the internet by storm.

The original Ninja CREAMi Ice Cream & Frozen Dessert Maker first went viral on TikTok earlier this year, with countless videos from dessert lovers demonstrating what they've been making — from batches of double chocolate chip ice cream, to tubs of strawberry pineapple sorbet.

The hashtag #ninjacreamiicecream alone has over 30 million video views, with a video from creator @Erin R making peach ice cream gathering a huge 12.5 million views.

Influencer, Emily Canham, also had her followers transfixed by creating Milky Bar ice cream, which had users commenting "does someone want to buy me a ninja creami?" and "I'm buying one. end of."

The summer hype has meant that the original ice cream maker has been out of stock for quite sometime. However, just in time for Christmas, Ninja has just released a brand new version, which has all the same features — the only difference is a new space-saving design — that is ideal for those of us low on counter space.

Usually costing £199.99, it is quite the splurge, but what if we told you that it had been reduced by £50 and was currently on sale for just £149.99?

With numerous different built-in programs (not just for making ice cream), the slew of five-star reviews prove shoppers think it's a worthwhile investment. One happy customer even said "this machine must be one of the best things ever invented."

Why we rate it

For starters, the machine comes with seven preset programs: Ice Cream, Gelato, Sorbet, Smoothie Bowl, Light Ice Cream, Milkshake and Mix-Ins.

It works in just four simple steps — fill, freeze, process and enjoy. And comes with three dessert tubs complete with storage lids, allowing you to make up to 1.4 litres of delicious ice cream at once.

Ninja's latest ice cream maker located on a kitchen countertop next to different desserts.
Sleek and compact in design, it sits perfectly on a kitchen countertop. (Ninja)
Two kids in the kitchen experimenting with different flavours and mix-ins for the Ninja CREAMi.
The ice cream maker is the perfect family activity. (Ninja)

£149.99 £199.99 at Ninja

How does it work? Simply fill up a dessert tub with whatever ingredients you fancy and pop in the freezer for 24 hours. You then place the tub into the outer bowl, attach the paddle and lid and put it into the machine. Select whatever function you want and within minutes you'll have yourself a delicious frozen treat.

It uses what Ninja has called a "Creamify Technology," which promises to deliver "perfect consistency, every time". And features an easy-to-navigate digital front display with touchscreen controls and a handy progress bar to show how long you've got before you can indulge.

Want to add something else in? The Mix-In feature allows you to evenly distribute choc chips, nuts and more throughout your dessert with perfect precision.

What the reviews say

The new Ninja CREAMi Breeze only has around 100 reviews. But already a generous 75% of those reviews have a five-star rating. The only minor criticism shoppers seem to have is that you can't yet purchase additional ice cream tubs.

  • "The best Ninja product I own! Turns my protein shakes into actual ice cream! 100% worth the money."

  • "A great product, well designed and easy to use and clean. I have tried various ice creams and frozen desserts and am very satisfied with the results. A fantastic addition to my kitchen. Get one, you won’t regret it."

  • "My Ninja CREAMi Breeze arrived yesterday and I have already made 3 different ice cream flavours, it’s so easy to use and the recipe booklet that comes with it has lots of lovely ideas, can’t wait to try making sorbet and gelato."

  • "Amazing ice cream, very pleasantly surprised! We tried several and found them creamy and much nicer than store-bought ice cream. Nice you can control what actually goes into it, and use fresh and real fruit."

  • "Very easy to use and already enjoying delicious fresh ice cream and milkshakes to keep the kids happy!"

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