Manufacturer reveals how you're actually meant to pronounce Nice biscuits

What are they really called? (Hill Biscuits)
What are they really called? (Hill Biscuits)

It’s safe to say that we’re a nation of biscuit lovers in the UK, but there’s one biscuit that we’re never quite sure how to ask for.

Now, it’s not because it’s not delicious, but it’s because we’re never quite sure how to pronounce its name.

The humble Nice biscuit in all of its coconut glory, sometimes has it’s name pronounced to sound like “this is a nice biscuit”, while others make it sound like the city in the South of France.

It’s a head scratcher, which leaves us hiding these biscuits when the tea comes out in case we get it wrong.

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Worry no more - get those biscuits out with pride, because the manufacturers themselves have responded to our queries and we can now call them by their rightful name with confidence.

“Nice biscuits were named after the city in the South of France and pronounced the same as that city. They have been part of the Arnott's range since 1922,” the manufacturers said.

Ever since Arnott’s biscuits announced the truth behind the the name, people have been sharing it on social media, excited by this newly discovered information.

The revelation came after one Twitter user simply asked the question directly to the brand.

“Would you mind giving us the definitive ruling on the pronunciation of the legendary ‘Nice’ biscuit? N-ice or niece? Cheers,” Bruno Bouchet asked.

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“It can be confusing because Nice biscuits are also very nice,” one Twitter user added.

Another added: “It's always been 'neece' as far back as when I first bought them in the 70s. I've never heard anyone pronounce it rhyming with ice.”

We’ve certainly heard people call it the latter, but now we’ll feel a little bit more confident about smugly correcting them.

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There are plenty of other food cupboard questions that have divided the nation in the past and thankfully brands are coming around to the idea of using social media to tell us the truth about out long-held family debates.

Ketchup, for example, should live in the cupboard.

Yes, it’s true - although we are pretty sure we heard your collective gasp. Even with this information confirmed by Heinz, it doesn’t stop people from putting their own spin on it.

So there you have it - but if you don’t want to name the biscuits after the place, then you do you.

They are nice, after all.

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