Jammie Dodgers have gone vegan again with new recipe

This isn't the brand's first foray into veganism. (Jammie Dodgers)
This isn't the brand's first foray into veganism. (Jammie Dodgers)

Some people won’t know that many years ago Jammie Dodgers were accidentally vegan.

Much to the disappointment of vegans everywhere, when the brand updated its recipe, it added dairy into the biscuits, rendering them uneatable on a plant-based diet.

Now, the jammy treats are making a switch back to vegan and this time, it’s for good.

The new recipe will be 100% free of animal products, but barely noticeable to the non-vegans amongst us. It’s a win-win.

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The change means that more people can enjoy the raspberry biscuits, without compromising on the good taste we’ve come to know and love.

You can get your hands on them from 13 July, when they’ll launch in new packaging.

If you want to distinguish between the two (while the old stock is on its way out) the vegan Jammie Dodgers will be in darker packaging.

You can get vegan versions of the mini Jammie Dodgers, too.

“We have listened to our biscuit fans and are pleased to announce that we’ve moved once again to a dairy-free recipe,” Kate Needham, Marketing Director at Burtons Biscuits, said.

“Family fun is at the Jammie heart of our brand, so it’s important to us that the whole family – and families of all lifestyles – can share a pack. Thanks to the new recipe, we’re happy that will now be more possible.

“But that’s not all, with our household classic seeing a surge in popularity, you can expect to see lots more fun and mischief coming from the UK’s favourite Jammie biscuit brand going forwards! It’s an exciting time to be a Jammie Dodger fan.”

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Jammie Dodger is the latest in a long line of products now catering to a vegan audience.

Late last year, Galaxy debuted its much-anticipated vegan chocolate around the same time that Marks & Spencer’s Percy Pigs caused quite the stir with their recipe change.

The popular sweets were made vegetarian by removing the pork gelatin they had previously been made with.

Although the taste difference was unrecognisable, that didn’t stop Piers Morgan from going on the mother of all rants about the updated recipe.

Veganism is proving more popular than ever at the moment, with people choosing various reasons for making the switch.

From eating more sustainably to simply wanting to cut down on meat, it’s a noticeable shift that food brands have certainly picked up on.