Newcastle University is introducing sanitary bins into male toilets and people aren't sure about it

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Newcastle university have unveiled plans to put sanitary bins in the male toilets [Photo: Getty]
Newcastle university have unveiled plans to put sanitary bins in the male toilets [Photo: Getty]

Sanitary bins are set to be placed in a university’s male toilets so gender-neutral students can use whichever facilities “they feel most comfortable with.”

Just yesterday, a secondary school in Oxfordshire banned boys from wearing shorts in favour of skirts, as part of a gender-neutral initiative.

And now, a Newcastle University have unveiled plans to ensure their toilet facilities are more inclusive.

The move was proposed by Newcastle University’s Student Union so “students who identify with a range of genders” would be better catered for.

Minutes from a university meeting reveal the move was welcomed so students “can use the toilet they feel comfortable with”.

Union president Ronnie Reid said: “On one side it is for students who identify with a range of genders.

“On the other it is also for students who may have a medical condition, so the bins are not just for menstrual care products.”

But while the move was passed unanimously, it hasn’t necessarily gone down well with everyone on social media.

“Ridiculous,” one user wrote on Twitter.

“Just no, on every level no,” another added.

“No no no !! I was in New York recently and there was a gender neutral toilet in a restaurant I was in and honestly I felt really uncomfortable! Maybe I’m just getting old?- but it wasn’t for me,” another woman added.

The move has received a mixed reaction [Photo: Getty]
The move has received a mixed reaction [Photo: Getty]

Speaking about the proposal, Hannah Fitzpatrick, the union’s LGBT officer, told The Times she was proud her motion had been approved but surprised at how much interest it had garnered.

“Hopefully the good work the Union has done to support those who need to dispose of medical and sanitary waste easily and safely will be continued in the future, and in other universities,” she said.

And others agreed that the move could be a positive step forward for gender inclusivity.

“Literally what is wrong with there being sanitary bins in all loos,” one woman wrote on Twitter. “Sanitary issues are not limited to periods anyway.”

“Just put sanitary bins in the men’s f***ing toilets,” another agreed. “It’s a bin. If that’s sth that makes you uncomfortable you’ve no business in higher education in the first place.”

Newcastle isn’t the only University to introduce sanitary facilities in male toilets. The SRUC Students’ Association (Scotland’s Rural College Students’ Association) has also revealed it is putting sanitary products and disposal bins in the men’s loos.

“Why are there tampons, pads and sanitary bins in the Mens toilets @ SRUC?” they wrote in a post on Instagram.

“Simple: Because we believe that EVERY student, no matter the gender they identify as, should have EQUAL access to the sanitary products they need.”

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