School bans boys' shorts in favour of skirts with 'gender-neutral' summer uniform policy

One school has banned boys from wearing shorts in a bid to protect transgender children from discrimination [Photo: Getty]

Children across the nation headed back to school today and for pupils at Chiltern Edge in Oxfordshire, there’s a new uniform policy to get used to.

The secondary school has banned boys from wearing shorts in favour of skirts this summer, as part of a gender-neutral initiative.

As a consequence to the ‘more formal’ uniform policy, parent, Alastair Vince-Porteous, asked staff if his son could wear tailored shorts instead.

However, the school argued that shorts are not part of the uniform. He was then informed that if his son wishes to wear more weather-appropriate attire then he could don a skirt if he wished.

What do you think of the gender-neutral policy? [Photo: Getty]

Vince-Porteous said: “I was told shorts are not part of the uniform. It’s a shame we can’t be more grown up about it, we aren’t asking for ra-ra skirts or skinny jeans, just grey tailored shorts for two months a year, it’s not a big deal.”

On the gender-neutral policy, the school’s headteacher, Moira Green, stated: “In September 2017, with the support of parents, Chiltern Edge made the decision to move to a more formal uniform. This has been a success.”

The move comes as schools across the nation are slowly beginning to adopt more gender-neutral policies in an attempt to protect transgender pupils from discrimination.

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