Is this the new #TheDress? The Internet can't decide what colour this Nike sportswear is

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It's #TheDress all over again! [Photo: Facebook]
It’s #TheDress all over again! [Photo: Facebook]

Remember #TheDress? You know the optical illusion situ that divided the Internet in that half saw the dress as being gold and white, while others saw it as blue and black.

Yeah, that.

Well just when we thought we’d finally put the whole confusing thing behind us, there’s another optical illusion that’s becoming equally as divisive.

This time the colour dilemma concerns Nike sportswear. An image has been doing the rounds on Facebook of some Nike sliders, a vest top and a pair of shorts. But the Internet is stumped about what colour it is.

Some people are adamant it’s grey and turquoise, while others are convinced it’s pink and white.

“Dunno how anyone sees anything other than pink and white,” one woman wrote.

“I see aqua & grey my husband sees pink & white,” another added.

While some people see the items the same colour every time they look, others have viewed the photo once to see one set of colours, only to see the colours change when they viewed it for a second time.

Science finally has an explanation for that dress [Photo: Tumblr]
Science finally has an explanation for that dress [Photo: Tumblr]

Thankfully, after the whole dress furore we were able to turn to science for some kind of explanation as to why different people see different colours. Turns out the differences in perception are caused by our differing assumptions about how the dress was illuminated.

The study conducted at NYU revealed that those who saw the dress in gold and white were seeing the dress in a shadow – while those that saw it in light saw it as being blue and black.

Researchers believe that assumptions about illumination really do “matter most when determining the percept of an individual when viewing the dress stimulus for the first time” — meaning whether people assumed the dress was naturally lit or in shadows affected what they perceived its colours to be.

“Assumptions about the nature of the illuminant are strongly associated with different perceptions of the dress,” said the study. Therefore, “illumination assumptions explain the dress effect.”

But of course knowing why people see items as completely different colours, doesn’t make it any less fascinating, which is why we’re fully expecting the whole Nike situ to cause an equal stir.

In the end it was revealed that #TheDress was actually blue and black. So, we’ll leave it to Nike to unveil the true colours of the sportswear that’s currently stumping the world.

Here we go again!

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