Mumsnet user divides opinion after admitting to re-using the same tea mug for days

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A Mumsnet user admitted to using the same tea mug for days. [Photo: Getty]
A Mumsnet user admitted to using the same tea mug for days. [Photo: Getty]

A Mumsnet user has fiercely divided opinion after admitting she re-uses the same mug for tea.

The user asked fellow users whether her habit of re-using the same tea mug until it became ‘unrecognisable’ was normal.

She wrote: “To be fair I probably take it too far at home, as I happily reuse the same mug for tea until it’s almost unrecognisable!…Is this gross?? Or just eminently sensible in this day and age?”

Later in the thread, she said: “I’d happily use mine for two days without washing it, admitting two days would be a “quick turnaround”.

“Then again I have favourite mugs that I would use until you can draw in the tea stains with a spoon.” she added.

But not everyone was on board with this woman’s approach to her tea mugs, with some people calling it “gross”.

One person wrote: “No I never reuse mine. I always wash them with hot soapy water between drinks.

Another added: “I have to say this grosses me out, tea or coffee made in a cup that’s not clean is not good,” and someone else shared: “Clean cup for every drink for me. I am a bit of a germaphobe and reusing it would bother me.”

However, some firmly support the rule of re-using tea mugs over longer periods.

One user confessed: “I’d happily use mine for two days without washing it. I was taught as a child to reuse the same cup/glass and if it’s getting filled with boiling hot drinks I don’t see what’s unhygienic about it.”

Another person said they never washed their tea mug, writing: “I’ve don’t think I’ve ever washed my tea mug and I’ve had it for several years. I’m not worried about germs and no one else uses it. Well, they wouldn’t want to, would they?”

Overall, it seemed most users were somewhere in the middle, agreeing it was OK to re-use a tea mug as long as it was rinsed in between.

One wrote: “I drink 4-5 cups a day. I rinse and reuse all day and then wash mug the next morning… repeat, repeat. Using a fresh mug every time is crazy.”

Several others agreed that the rule was to: “Rinse and reuse!”.

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