Mumsnet user called into daughter's school by 'lunch box police' over a mini chocolate bar

A Pick Up bar got a Mumsnet user in trouble with her daughter’s school. [Photo: Getty]
A Pick Up bar got a Mumsnet user in trouble with her daughter’s school. [Photo: Getty]

A mum had complained about the strict lunch box policy at her daughter’s school.

She took to Mumsnet to describe how she was called in for a special meeting for including a mini chocolate bar in a packed meal.

In the thread, entitled “Lunch box police”, the Mumsnet user wrote: “Just had a phone call from school and asked if I could go in for a chat regarding [Dearest Daughter’s] lunch.”

“I am irritated as the teacher has looked in dd lunch bag this morning which I feel is out of order if I’m total honest.

“So the offending item which she has had the last few Wednesday’s as there is 10 in a pack is a mini Pick Up Bar.”

Along with the pick up she has a cheese and ham mini wrap with lettuce, cucumber and red onion in, 6 cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks, a pot of hummus and grapes which are cut into 1/4s.”

The mother explained further down in the post that she had been called in for a meeting at her daughter’s school later in the day, and needed advice on what to say.

Mumsnet users were quick to sympathise with the annoyed mother, calling the school’s reaction ‘ridiculous’.

One wrote: “Seems like a gigantic waste of everyone’s time. Her lunch sounds absolutely fine and normal.”

Another added: “I can understand clamping down on people who send in nothing but crisps and chocolate but this is ridiculous.”

One user seemed to have discovered the reason for the school’s concern, pointing out the bar contained hazelnuts – an allergy risk – in the ingredients: “If it is the biscuit you posted a picture of, it has hazelnut in the listed ingredients, so it might be because of the nut-free rule.”

However, the mum who started the thread reasoned: “If it is allergy related I get that totally but then why not just say that over the phone.”

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