Bizarre lace-up dress called 'an accident waiting to happen' goes viral

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Mums took to the social networking platform to call out a high street dress for being ‘an accident waiting to happen’ [Photo: Dress Lily]

The whole nearly-naked dress trend has been around for a while thanks to the likes of Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner but mums are less than impressed with a recent high street hit.

Parents took to Mumsnet to call out a dress by American retailer, Dress Lily, for being ‘an accident waiting to happen’.

The £13.19 dress soon garnered attention from mums due to a barely-there lace-up design which travels across the back and towards one thigh (thus revealing a little bum cheek).

It turns out, mums aren’t impressed by the whole nearly-naked dress trend [Photo: Dress Lily]
It turns out, mums aren’t impressed by the whole nearly-naked dress trend [Photo: Dress Lily]

One parent took to Mumsnet to voice her opinion on the outfit, as she wrote: ‘AIBU (Am I being unreasonable) to think that this dress is an accident waiting to happen?’

In response to her query, mums took to the social networking site to chime in with their thoughts on the look.

One fellow mum joked, ‘I’d look like sausage meat stuffed in an orange net in that!’

While one parent commented: ‘Think one of my daughter’s classmates has that dress (16 -years-old) No way could I pull that off. I mean I literally couldn’t pull that off, I would get tangled up and fall over.’

Before another wrote, ‘Stick that in the washer with a couple of pairs of tights and unravelling the lot could be a whole new hobby.’

But it’s not the first time this year that the fashion sphere has left the public lost for words. How about those denim thong shorts taking over the Internet?

And please tell us that you’ve seen ASOS’ first ridiculous drop of 2018?

It seems that sometimes trends are best left to the A-list pack. Thanks, Bella.

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