The first ridiculous jeans of 2018 have landed on ASOS

Would you wear The Ragged Priest’s bum-bearing jeans? [Photo: ASOS]

Just when you thought that we had left the denim monstrosities of 2017 behind us, ASOS has launched a pair of truly criminal jeans to welcome the New Year in erm, style.

Yes, The Ragged Priest is responsible for some bum-bearing denim numbers with nineties-style chains and put it this way, they put thong jeans to shame.

The chaps-inspired jeans will set you back £75 [Photo: ASOS]

Despite a serious lack of fabric (you’re looking at some form of skirt-chaps hybrid), the jeans weigh in at a hefty £75.

Just when you thought we had left the denim faux-pas trend of 2017 behind us… [Photo: ASOS]

So when social media users got word of the latest ‘trend’, ASOS fell victim to Twitter’s no-tolerance grilling:

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